2011-08-08 Tony Cookswitch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly
2011-06-20 Tony Cook0.84 release v0.84
2011-06-20 Tony Cookmore manifest updates
2011-06-20 Tony CookMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-20 Tony Cookupdate sub-manifests
2011-06-20 Tony Cookcorrect type of length passed to i_utf8_advance()
2011-06-20 Tony Cookmake it so we can release sub-dists from the Imager...
2011-06-18 Tony Cookadd Devel::CheckLib to each sub-module and ensure it...
2011-06-18 Tony Cookbump sub-module versions
2011-06-18 Tony Cookbinmode lib/Imager/APIRef.pod to avoid diffs from line...
2011-06-18 Tony Cookfix ignores for Win32
2011-06-18 Tony Cookremove META.yml from MANIFEST, make dist adds it back...
2011-06-15 Tony Cookavoid warnings from comparing a dev version number...
2011-06-14 Tony Cookcorrect the API i_get_image_file_limits() macro
2011-06-14 Tony Cookreport the mismatched version numbers if the Imager...
2011-06-14 Tony Cookthe PERL_INITIALIZE_IMAGER_PERL_CALLBACKS was checking...
2011-06-08 Tony Cookprogressive JPEG support
2011-06-08 Tony Cookreplace (imager|tony) with
2011-05-30 Tony Cookcheck Affix::Infix2Postfix is available before testing...
2011-05-30 Tony Cook[RT #67912] writing GIFs now always uses the generated...
2011-05-30 Tony Cook[RT #68508] do error diffusion on gray scale if the...
2011-05-25 Tony Cooksplit 8-bit image implementation out of the megafile...
2011-05-23 Tony CookJFIF file spec
2011-05-23 Tony Cookclean up test files by default for some more test scripts
2011-05-23 Tony Cookconvert t/t55trans.t to Test::More
2011-05-23 Tony Cookconvert t/t05error.t to Test::More
2011-05-23 Tony Cookno longer export anything by default
2011-05-23 Tony Cookadd to_rgb_double() method
2011-05-23 Tony Cooktest and add error reporting to to_*() family methods
2011-05-23 Tony Cookre-work META.yml validation and fix the detected errors
2011-05-21 Tony Cookre-work document and test Imager's logging facility
2011-05-21 Tony Cookremove useless #define
2011-05-21 Tony CookImager now avoids inheriting from Exporter
2011-05-20 Tony Cook0.83 release v0.83
2011-05-20 Tony Cookproduce additional diagnostics on some TIFF tests
2011-05-17 Tony Cook0.82_01 development release v0.82_01
2011-05-16 Tony Cooktest coverage and fix pass for compose()
2011-05-16 Tony Cookallow box() to accept floating colors for filling areas
2011-05-16 Tony Cookallow the preprocessor to omit #line directives
2011-05-16 Tony Cookadd an internal i_img_samef() and adapt is_imaged(...
2011-05-09 Tony Cookupdate Changes for the T1 fix
2011-05-09 Tony Cook[RT #67963] make the check for a leading drive letter...
2011-05-09 Tony Cookupdate from the separate T1 distribution
2011-04-04 Tony Cooktry to generate all coverage into the one cover_db
2011-03-14 Tony Cook0.82 release Imager-0.82
2011-03-14 Tony Cooknote some changes which weren't noted
2011-03-14 Tony Cook[RT #9675] add the library detection summary back in...
2011-03-14 Tony Cook[RT #65955] handle LD_RUN_PATH ignores with -rpath...
2011-03-14 Tony Cooktighten and fix the i_img_to_pal() test
2011-03-14 Tony Cookchange the fallback for an unknown make_colors value...
2011-02-21 Tony Cooknote the link checker test
2011-02-21 Tony Cook[RT #65749] add pod link check test and fix the broken...
2011-02-18 Tony Cook[RT #65812] skip the threads tests on Test::More 2...
2011-02-18 Tony Cook[RT #65864] eliminate calls to Test::More's note()
2011-02-18 Tony Cook[RT #65863] mostly eliminate i_has_format
2011-02-18 Tony Cookavoid using note() since it's not in older Test::More...
2011-02-14 Tony Cookchange version to avoid indexer confusion
2011-02-14 Tony Cook0.81 release Imager-0.81
2011-02-14 Tony Cook[ #65391] test/fix transform2 sat op
2011-02-12 Tony Cookfile moved, it doesn't belong here anymore
2011-02-12 Tony Cook[ #65665] add the preload class method
2011-02-06 Tony Cookbump Imager::Font version
2011-02-06 Tony Cookchange note for splitting T1 out
2011-02-06 Tony Cookt1 no longer needs a type check
2011-02-06 Tony Cookremove duplicate mkdir testout/ from rebase
2011-02-06 Tony Cookmove t1lib font support to a separate module
2011-02-05 Tony Cookhandle a slightly different warning from libtiff 4.x
2011-02-03 Tony CookRT#65088 make sure each test script that needs testout...
2011-02-03 Tony Cookfix formatting and spelling to match the rest
2011-02-03 Tony Cookupdate Changes with Leolo's patches
2011-02-03 Tony Cookwhitespace cleanup
2011-02-03 Philip Gwyn[ #65385] Patch for Imager::Color->hsv
2011-02-03 Philip Gwyn[ #65386] really fix #62885
2011-01-24 Tony Cookexpand the matrix multiply overload to allow mult by...
2011-01-23 Tony Cook[ #29938] add matrix() method to Imager...
2011-01-23 Tony Cook[ #56513] update filter plugins documentation
2011-01-21 Tony Cookadd test coverage for masked images and fix a bug found...
2011-01-17 Tony Cook0.80 release Imager-0.80
2011-01-17 Tony Cookupdate revision control urls in Makefile.PL, update...
2011-01-15 Tony Cook[ #64785] GIF encoding is very slower on...
2011-01-11 Tony Cookconvert t/t020masked.t to Test::More
2011-01-10 Tony Cookimprove coverage testing Imager::Color::Float and fix...
2011-01-10 Tony Cookimprove test coverage of Imager::Fountain
2011-01-10 Tony Cookignore coverage test debris
2011-01-10 Robin 'cheese... fix SYNOPSIS code to make the variable names match
2011-01-10 Tony Cookignore build and test products
2010-12-16 Tony Cook - images with an translucent alpha channel were not...
2010-12-11 Tony CookImager 0.79 release Imager-0.79
2010-12-11 Tony Cookupdate the MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP
2010-12-10 Tony Cookdon't include .SKIP either
2010-12-10 Tony Cooksort MANIFEST ignoring case to match mkmanifest
2010-12-10 Tony Cookcorrect changes - we search for font handlers not fonts
2010-12-06 Tony Cookmake finding out how to make a transparent image simpler
2010-12-06 Tony CookF<> the filename to prevent a spell check error
2010-12-06 Tony Cookuse DEFINE from Imager::Probe
2010-12-06 Tony Cookdocument DEFINE key in return value
2010-12-06 Tony Cookmake the returned key match EU::MM
2010-12-06 Tony Cookolder versions of EU::MM don't export WriteEmptyMakefil...
2010-12-06 Tony Cookparse defines from the options returned by pkg-config...
2010-11-12 Tony Cooknote licensing of the makeblended font code in MMOne.pfb