avoid a possible sign-extension for offsets/sizes in SGI
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2019-02-02 Tony Cookavoid a possible sign-extension for offsets/sizes in SGI
2013-02-21 Tony Cookmark mm_log() for the API with the right gcc -Wformat...
2012-03-09 Tony Cook[rt #75560] don't fallback to using DynaLoader when...
2011-10-10 Tony CookMerge the I/O buffering branch
2011-08-08 Tony Cook0.84_01 development release v0.84_01
2011-08-08 Tony Cookswitch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly
2011-06-08 Tony Cookreplace (imager|tony)@imager.perl.org with tonyc@cpan.org
2011-01-10 Tony Cookignore build and test products
2010-09-16 Tony Cookclean up various testout directories on a make clean
2010-05-06 Tony Cook - use PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to slightly improve performa...
2007-10-29 Tony Cook - the SGI RLE compression code could overflow its...
2007-08-14 Tony Cook5.005_03 compatible use of mkdir
2007-08-14 Tony Cook5.005_03 compatible access to SEEK_* constants
2007-08-01 Tony Cookcorrect for c89
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - Finished/rewrote Arnar's old SGI RGB file format...