update Changes
[imager.git] / t / 200-file /
2019-02-13 Tony Cooktry to fix test failing on chorny's 5.18.2 smoker
2019-02-07 Tony Cookadd the add_file_magic() class method
2018-12-31 Tony Cookfix double-free in TGA code
2018-12-06 Tony Cookadd some more extensions, add add_type_extensions(...
2018-11-23 Tony Cookadd probe support for FLIF files
2016-09-19 Tony CookRT #117878: handle invalid image objects for write_multi()
2016-04-05 Tony Cookdump a bit more of the file broken on the strange win32...
2016-03-23 Tony Cookadd some extra error reporting to I/O layer tests
2016-03-17 Tony Cooksupport older perls
2016-01-26 Tony Cookwe no longer try to deal with buggy giflibs
2016-01-26 Tony Cookmodernize t/200-file/400-basic.t and handle fails correctly
2015-11-08 Tony CookImager->new now attempts to read a file given any data...
2015-10-29 Tony Cookavoid a warning during testing on 5.22+
2015-10-29 Tony Cookadd a test for the preload method
2014-07-28 Tony Cookimprove error reporting for an iolayer test failing...
2014-07-28 Tony Cookfix the skip check for using qr// objects as a buffer
2014-06-27 Tony Cookfix SV type probing to not break pre perl 5.12
2014-03-29 Tony Cookallow Imager::IO->new_buffer() to accept a reference
2013-11-03 Tony Cook[rt #88220] add extra diagnostics to 010-iolayer.t
2013-05-02 Tony Cook[rt #84596] rearrange Imager's test files