2009-03-28 Tony Cookupdate MANIFEST master v0.006
2009-03-28 Tony Cook0.006 release
2009-03-15 Tony Cook0.005_02 commit v0.005_02
2009-03-15 Tony Cookuse CLONE_SKIP to ignore threads
2009-03-15 Tony Cookpseudo-fork tests (untested)
2009-03-15 Tony Cookrevert threads changes, they didn't work with pseudo...
2009-03-13 Tony Cook0.005_01 commit v0.005_01
2009-03-13 Tony Cookthread support for people running in hell
2008-04-15 Tony Cook0.005 release v0.005
2008-04-15 Tony Cookactually add the test code
2008-04-15 Tony Cook - extra tests to distinguish errno problems from P...
2008-04-09 Tony Cook0.004 release v0.004
2008-04-09 Tony Cookremove binary search from the possible improvements...
2008-04-09 Tony CookMETA.yml managed by EU::MM now
2008-04-09 Tony Cookadd tests to satify cpants
2008-03-18 Tony Cookfix @ISA, it was badly broken, thanks to Yuval Kogman...
2008-03-18 Tony CookKwalitee change: include license information
2006-09-14 Tony Cookbump to 0.003 for release v0.003
2006-09-14 Tony Cookbeen forgetting to update Changes, fixed it
2006-09-14 Tony Cookdisable some debug code
2006-09-14 Tony Cookprevent some compiler warnings
2006-07-09 Tony Cookmissing header
2006-07-09 Tony Cookbump to 0.002 v0.002
2006-07-09 Tony Cookfill out the MANIFEST
2006-07-09 Tony Cook - added Imager's memory debugging code in an attempt...
2006-07-08 Tony Cookadded a stupid implementation of the id management...
2006-07-05 Tony Cookadd Imager's memory debugger
2006-04-11 Tony Cook - moved the structural queue code to queue.c, Array...
2006-03-27 Tony Cooksplit the working code out from the XS file
2006-03-21 Tony Cookinitial release v0.001
2006-03-21 Tony Cooksomewhere to store POE::XS::Queue::Array