2001-10-28 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixed i_transform2() so malloc(0) doesn't happen. ...
2001-10-28 Tony Cookadded some more POD
2001-10-28 Tony Cookadded some docs, need to add more
2001-10-27 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonThis test was logging to the wrong logfile.
2001-10-27 Tony Cookonly STRLEN types can be the second parameter of SvPV
2001-10-27 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonUpdated TODO
2001-10-27 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded casts for pointer assignments in pnm.c. Removed...
2001-10-27 Tony Cookcheck the ft2 library too
2001-10-27 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded static to all internal functions for image.c...
2001-10-27 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixed warnings for ~0 for unsigned int variables. ...
2001-10-27 Tony Cookfix some range checking for the fountain fill segment...
2001-10-26 Tony Cookmake it possible to run automated tests by adding the...
2001-10-26 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonUpdated README with 2001 copyright and email address...
2001-10-24 Tony Cookoops, Imager/Font/ missing from manifest
2001-10-24 Tony Cooktests missing from MANIFEST
2001-10-24 Tony Cookbetter error checking of automatic fill conversions
2001-10-24 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonRemoved C++ comments that SunSPro and HPUX cc were...
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonChanges file updated.
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixes to the scale function so that edges are handled...
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonClosed memory leaks when an error occurs during load...
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonCounter correction.
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdding test for targa images.
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonCompleted the calling interface from perl to c for...
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonCleaned up io.h, io.c which had functions not used...
2001-10-22 Arnar Mar Hrafnkelssontga.c should now support reading/writing all variants...
2001-10-22 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonCode to free up resources for Imager::IO objects.
2001-10-22 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonVarious Changes to the memory accounting code, myreallo...
2001-10-21 Tony Cookadded POD to trans2.c
2001-10-18 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded support for writing paletted targa images.
2001-10-17 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonPreliminary support for writing targa files. Compressi...
2001-10-17 Tony Cookminor documentation clarification
2001-10-11 Tony Cookinitial cut
2001-10-11 Tony Cooksome fixes to double/sample image support
2001-10-10 Tony Cooktest for dropping of % sign
2001-10-07 Tony Cookbeen fixed
2001-10-07 Tony Cookoops
2001-10-07 Tony Cookadded double/sample image support
2001-10-07 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonUpdated Changes file for recent diffs
2001-10-07 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonRewrote most of tga.c so that It now should be able...
2001-10-05 Tony Cookstop ft1.x support dropping descenders
2001-09-30 Tony Cookyep, we need these
2001-09-30 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixes some warnings about unused variables and missing...
2001-09-30 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded i_bumpmap_complex and corresponding filterentry...
2001-09-25 Tony Cookoops, forgot to return a value
2001-09-23 Tony Cooksupposedly FT2 supports all of these
2001-09-19 Tony Cookclamp i_conv() at both ends
2001-09-19 Tony Cookclamp low end too
2001-09-19 Tony Cookimplement unsharp mask
2001-09-19 Tony Cookimage based fills
2001-09-18 Tony Cookhave ->arc() call i_circle_aa when drawing a solid...
2001-09-18 Tony Cookan idea
2001-09-18 Tony Cookprevent const char * to char * conversion warning
2001-09-18 Tony Cookwriting a paletted image as GIF should be a bit more...
2001-09-16 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdds reading of non colour mapped targa images.
2001-09-16 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdds reading capabilities for certain variants of targa...
2001-09-15 Tony Cookmake write errors for jpegs cause errors at the top...
2001-09-14 Tony Cookfixed the font problems
2001-09-14 Tony Cookfixed cut off of left of first character if it went...
2001-09-13 Tony Cookmake it a bit more portable - old pnmscale complains
2001-09-13 Tony Cooksimple benchmark for scaling
2001-09-11 Tony Cookthis is asked about occasionally
2001-09-11 Tony Cookforgot to add change note for this
2001-09-10 Tony Cookgenerates a page that demonstrates various combining...
2001-09-10 Tony Cookbetter error handling
2001-09-10 Tony Cookmaybe I'll learn to type one day
2001-09-10 Tony Cooksee how this goes - updated the test result after getti...
2001-09-10 Tony Cookmis-handling for hues
2001-09-10 Tony Cookshould use binmode
2001-09-10 Tony Cookdidn't handle wiol versions of writeppm
2001-09-09 Tony Cookboth done
2001-09-09 Tony Cookminor error handling in bmp.c
2001-09-07 Tony Cookvarious
2001-09-02 Tony CookAdded some source code docs
2001-09-02 Tony Cookan extra stipple
2001-09-02 Tony Cookdrop some whitespace
2001-09-02 Tony Cookbetter scale* fills
2001-09-01 Tony Cooksupport for generic fills for box and arc, with solid...
2001-08-30 Tony Cookbased on discussion with lathos on IRC
2001-08-29 Tony Cookimplement fountain fills similar to most paint programs
2001-08-24 Tony Cooksuggested by coral (IRC)
2001-08-22 Tony Cookvarious JPEG fixes
2001-08-19 Tony Cookadded OO interfaces for some filters
2001-08-19 Tony CookWindows BMP file support
2001-08-19 Tony Cookcompressed BMP files for testing
2001-08-15 Tony Cookstart of bmp support (just writing so far)
2001-08-15 Tony Cook(changes)
2001-08-15 Tony Cookfix some problems in handling glyph dimensions with...
2001-08-13 Tony CookEgads
2001-08-13 Tony Cookpointer to a description of how unsharp mask works
2001-08-13 Tony Cooksmall discussion with sky for extra font drawing parameters
2001-06-14 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonMisc fixes.
2001-06-08 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonSwitched all of jpeg to iolayer functions, removed...
2001-06-07 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonMore fixes still for iolayer changes.
2001-06-07 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonClean up after changing some formats to use iolayer.
2001-06-07 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonUpdated png to use _wlio functions, and fixed a filenam...
2001-06-06 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonReplaced i_readraw() and i_writeraw() with the equivale...
2001-06-06 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonRemoved i_writeppm and put in i_writeppm_wiol instead.
2001-05-28 Tony Cookinterface consistency
2001-05-26 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonCompile time error fix if IM_NOLOG=1 was chosen
2001-05-26 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdds aa circle into export_ok list.