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2021-03-10 Andreas Koenigadd new comparison method rgb_difference that resembles... master
2021-03-06 Tony Cookcorrect an old bug link
2021-02-22 Andreas Koenigreplace the term luminosity with luminance
2020-06-14 Tony Cook1.012 release
2020-06-14 Tony Cooktest we don't use vars and that we have use 5.006.
2020-06-13 Tony Cookmore changes
2020-06-13 Tony Cookeliminate use vars
2020-06-13 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2020-06-13 Tony Cooklibt1 support is deprecated
2020-06-13 Tony CookImager is moving to github
2020-05-21 Tony Cookdeprecate Imager::Font::T1
2020-05-17 Tony Cookupdate MANIFEST
2020-05-17 Tony Cookbump $Imager::Font::FT2::VERSION
2020-05-17 Tony Cookfreetype-config might not be available, allow pkg-confi...
2020-05-17 Tony Cookbump $Imager::Probe::VERSION
2020-05-17 Tony Cookcygwin can use an empty extension for exes too
2020-05-17 Tony Cookadd github action for CI on cygwin
2020-05-17 Tony Cookadd github action for CI on OS X
2020-05-17 Tony Cookadd github action for CI on mingw64
2020-05-17 Tony Cookadd github action for CI on linux
2020-05-17 Tony Cookupdate desired debian packages
2020-03-27 Tony Cookensure alpha channels are initialized for mediancut...
2020-03-27 Tony Cookadd red, green, blue, alpha methods to color objects
2020-03-21 Tony CookC<> filter keywords to avoid trying to spellcheck them
2020-03-21 Tony CookLeolo's guassian2 patch
2019-03-07 Tony Cook1.011 release v1.011
2019-03-07 Tony Cookmore Changes updates
2019-02-25 Tony Cookdon't leak in DSO_open() on various failures
2019-02-25 Tony Cooki_img_make_palette() no longer leaks on quantization...
2019-02-23 Tony Cooktranslate_errdiff() could leak memory on failure
2019-02-14 Tony Cookstart a jpeg dump tool
2019-02-14 Tony Cookadd missing 070-mymeta.t to MANIFEST
2019-02-14 Tony Cookignore more rubbish in MANIFEST.SKIP
2019-02-14 Tony Cookpngdump: move options to the right place in the synopsis
2019-02-14 Tony Cookbinmode the right handle
2019-02-14 Tony CookChanges updates
2019-02-14 Tony Cookcorrect the type of the im_decode_exif() data parameter
2019-02-13 Tony Cookand the release date
2019-02-13 Tony Cookadd the FT2 encoding symbol change to the main Changes...
2019-02-13 Tony Cookbump to Imager 1.010 v1.010
2019-02-13 Tony Cookfix method index entry for add_file_magic()
2019-02-13 Tony Cooknote GIF changes
2019-02-13 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2019-02-13 Tony Cooktry to fix test failing on chorny's 5.18.2 smoker
2019-02-12 Tony CookRT#128481: fix handling of GIF files with no images
2019-02-12 Tony Cookfix an embarassing typo
2019-02-07 Tony Cookadd the add_file_magic() class method
2019-02-03 Tony Cookremove a pointless NULL check from i_img_destroy()
2019-02-03 Tony Cookremove a pointless NULL check from i_flipxy()
2019-02-02 Tony Cookrearrange i_new_hatch_low() in fills.c
2019-02-02 Tony Cookadd assertions for callers to i_new_hatch_low() in...
2019-02-02 Tony Cookensure bmp.c read_packed() calls va_end()
2019-02-02 Tony Cookadd lint comments where switch() case fallthough is...
2019-02-02 Tony Cookavoid a possible sign-extension for offsets/sizes in SGI
2019-02-02 Tony Cooklint comment for the end of pixel_coverage() not reachable
2019-02-02 Tony Cookadd missing va_end() in bmp.c's write_packed()
2019-01-14 Tony Cookforgot to document 127575 fix
2019-01-14 Tony Cookuse non-deprecated encoding ids for freetype 2
2019-01-14 Tony Cookbump gif version
2019-01-13 Tony Cookfix date on 1.009 release in Changes
2019-01-11 Tony Cookupdate FT2 Changes
2019-01-11 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2019-01-11 Tony Cook1.009 release v1.009
2019-01-11 Tony Cookmost numeric parameters to the XS implementation now...
2019-01-10 Tony Cooki_circle_aa_low() could buffer overflow
2019-01-09 Tony Cookexplain why not all the Coverity issues are addressed
2019-01-07 Tony Cookon't check if the unsigned size supplied to im_set_imag...
2019-01-07 Tony Cookextend some variable types to avoid overflows for mediancut
2019-01-07 Tony Cookdon't check if the unsigned size passed to mymalloc...
2019-01-07 Tony Cookhopefully avoid coverity complaining about a float...
2019-01-07 Tony Cookprevent an unsigned overflow in FT1 has_chars() impleme...
2019-01-07 Tony Cookmap() would corrupt a channel if there was a gap in...
2019-01-07 Tony Cook(rt #127575) link to Imager::Install from Imager::Files
2019-01-06 Tony Cooki_img_info() (C API) no longer tries to handle a NULL...
2019-01-06 Tony Cookfix an unsigned comparison when converting character...
2019-01-06 Tony Cookhandle failure to clone the log filehandle when cloning...
2019-01-05 Tony Cookavoid ignoring the result of i_io_getc()
2019-01-05 Tony Cookinvalid quantization options now result in an error...
2019-01-03 Tony Cooksimplify XS for i_img_to_pal()
2019-01-03 Tony Cookfixes to the fountain filter
2019-01-02 Tony Cookavoid dead code in i_t1_glyph_names().
2019-01-02 Tony Cookremove an unneeded check when terminating the stream...
2019-01-02 Tony CookJPEG Changes updates for older releases
2019-01-02 Tony Cookhe unpack code for ICO/CUR file handling could extend...
2019-01-02 Tony Cookavoid an unneeded EXTEND() call when the FT2 has_chars...
2019-01-02 Tony Cookavoid dead code in i_ft2_glyph_name()
2019-01-02 Tony Cookavoid dead code in i_get_anonymous_color_histo()
2019-01-02 Tony Cookavoid dead code in i_tt_glyph_names()
2019-01-02 Tony Cookgradgen allocated sizeof(i_color *) per entry rather...
2019-01-02 Tony Cookchange note for the has_chars and MakeMapObject changes
2019-01-02 Tony Cookadd CIDs to the changes Coverity fixes
2019-01-02 Tony Cooklog only after we've checked MakeMapObject() success
2019-01-02 Tony Cookavoid an unneeded check in the FT1 has_chars() method...
2019-01-01 Tony Cookfix a fence post error validating a combing mode number
2019-01-01 Tony Cookchange an array parameter decl to a pointer style decl
2019-01-01 Tony CookCoverity complained colors could be left uninitialized.
2019-01-01 Tony Cookcoverity complained minset could be -1
2018-12-31 Tony CookImager::Color set_internal is now simpler
2018-12-31 Tony Cookbetter validate numeric hatch values for fills
2018-12-31 Tony Cookadd braces to some multi-line if() and for()