2008-03-25 Tony Cookcommit changes from draw branch
2007-12-26 Tony CookExtra ways of calling translate(), shear()
2007-12-10 Tony Cook - the font libraries are now only initialized when...
2007-12-10 Tony Cook - Imager::Matrix2d->translate() now only requires...
2007-12-10 Tony CookImager 0.62 release
2007-12-10 Tony Cookignore filters.c, now it's generated
2007-12-10 Tony Cooktest that Parse::RecDescent is loadable to avoid proble...
2007-12-10 Tony Cook - added the det() function to the transform2() engine.
2007-12-06 Tony CookImager no longer supports OS X 10.2
2007-12-06 Tony Cookremove support for OS X 10.2
2007-12-06 Tony Cookrearrange dynaload code to avoid some OS X issues
2007-12-06 Tony Cookfix the POD I just broke
2007-12-04 Tony Cookmore done
2007-12-04 Tony Cooktest for pbm images matching the original
2007-12-04 Tony Cookadd some tests for scale_calculate()
2007-12-04 Tony Cookdescribe the color model
2007-12-03 Tony Cooksplit out the calculations of the final scale factors...
2007-12-03 Tony Cookmore todo, some stuff done
2007-12-03 Tony Cook - the hardinvert filter no-longer inverts the alpha...
2007-12-03 Tony Cook - work around Module::Depends::Intrusive bug #21229
2007-12-03 Tony Cookwork around the 5.005_0[45] B bug
2007-12-03 Tony Cook - samples/ sourced the base value for gif_t...
2007-11-28 Tony Cook0.61_02 release
2007-11-28 Tony Cookthe _T4 and _T6 macros aren't available in 3.5.5, so...
2007-11-28 Tony Cook0.61_01 release
2007-11-28 Tony Cookadd filter large sample support table
2007-11-28 Tony Cookupdated TIFF information
2007-11-28 Tony Cookcorrect a C99ism
2007-11-28 Tony Cookcan't add to a void *
2007-11-28 Tony Cookrefer to my original ticket for this
2007-11-28 Tony CookRichard helped a lot
2007-11-28 Tony Cook - on some perl's the infix expression parser test...
2007-11-28 Tony Cookwork around limits of older libtiffs
2007-11-27 Tony Cookmore for 0.62
2007-11-27 Tony Cookfix the is_bilevel() method index entry
2007-11-27 Tony Cookavoid a dangerous cast (in an unused function)
2007-11-26 Tony Cookmerge in tiff re-work branch
2007-11-22 Tony Cookplanning too far ahead
2007-11-21 Tony Cookformatting nit
2007-11-21 Tony Cookfix broken link from the animated GIF entry in the...
2007-11-12 Tony Cookalpha channel fixes for mixing scaling
2007-11-12 Tony Cookread gimp gradients with more than 9 segments
2007-11-09 Tony Cook0.62 goals
2007-11-05 Tony Cook0.61 release Imager-0.61
2007-11-05 Tony Cookmissed a changes note
2007-11-05 Tony Cook - correctly blend a rotated (or matrix_transformed...
2007-11-04 Tony Cookcorrectly generate the author key in META.yml
2007-11-04 Tony Cookwe never write CMYK
2007-10-30 Tony Cook - improve the transform2() documentation
2007-10-30 Tony Cook - improve the error messages produced when attempting...
2007-10-30 Tony Cookmore done
2007-10-30 Tony Cook - attempt to work around the test failure at
2007-10-30 Tony Cook - validate chan_count for chans == NULL for each of...
2007-10-29 Tony Cookfixed a type
2007-10-29 Tony Cook - the SGI RLE compression code could overflow its...
2007-10-29 Tony Cookthe code for the transform2() uminus operator was missi...
2007-10-26 Tony Cookconvert more tests to Test::More
2007-10-26 Tony Cookconvert to Test::More
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - test 171 in t/t01introvert.t was failing on perls...
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - Imager::Font::Wrap doesn't correctly set savepos
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - some sub-directory tests depended on files produced...
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - prevent a cast to integer warning on x64 builds...
2007-10-12 Tony Cook - correct handling of sz in matrix_transform() - this...
2007-10-12 Tony Cooksomething done, more to do
2007-10-04 Tony Cookmore to do
2007-09-26 Tony Cookmake it easier to find out how to convert an image...
2007-09-18 Tony Cookadd some detail to TIFF TODO
2007-09-17 Tony Cookadded sample: - scale an animated gif
2007-09-17 Tony CookImager::Files still listed "rgb" as the type for SGI...
2007-09-11 Tony Cookdefine 0.61 release goals
2007-08-30 Tony Cook0.60 release Imager-0.60
2007-08-30 Tony Cookinclude RT email address under SUPPORT
2007-08-29 Tony Cookadd new gif_colormap_size tag
2007-08-29 Tony Cookdid some of it
2007-08-29 Tony Cookfill out the large sample support docs
2007-08-29 Tony Cookbuild under c89
2007-08-27 Tony Cookcompiler warning cleanup
2007-08-27 Tony Cooktreat the ico mask as an alpha channel, since this...
2007-08-27 Tony Cookstuff done, more to do
2007-08-25 Tony Cookadded cleanup, documentation, further tests and graysca...
2007-08-24 Tony Cookconvert t/t90cc.t to Test::More and actually test a...
2007-08-24 Tony CookGabriel Vasseur's patch, corrected just enough for...
2007-08-14 Tony Cook5.005_03 compatible use of mkdir
2007-08-14 Tony Cook5.005_03 compatible access to SEEK_* constants
2007-08-01 Tony CookImager doesn't load on Windows 98
2007-08-01 Tony Cookallow Imager to be loaded on Windows 98
2007-08-01 Tony Cooksvn:ignore Win32 junk
2007-08-01 Tony Cookcorrect for c89
2007-08-01 Tony Cookadd mission SGI files
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - transparency is now enabled by default when writing...
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - improve the error message from errstr() when you...
2007-07-31 Tony Cookremove repeated text in Imager::Files
2007-07-31 Tony Cookmake it even clearer that scale() and variants don...
2007-07-31 Tony Cookwhat to do for 0.60
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - Finished/rewrote Arnar's old SGI RGB file format...
2007-07-31 Tony Cookdistribute Imager::LargeSamples
2007-07-31 Tony Cookstart tracking large sample support
2007-07-23 Tony Cookspelling correction (Adam Kennedy)
2007-07-19 Tony Cookmore doc fixes
2007-07-19 Tony Cookoops, missed one