2012-01-08 Tony Cookrotate.c -> transition
2012-01-08 Tony Cookreformat the release date of 0.87
2012-01-05 Tony Cooklibungif support was removed in 0.77_01, note that
2012-01-05 Tony Cookdescribe the OS X README update
2012-01-05 Tony Cook[rt #73371] describe how to build libgif etc on OS X
2012-01-05 Tony CookUpdate copyright year.
2012-01-03 Tony Cook0.87 release v0.87
2012-01-03 Tony Cooknote the i_render_color() change
2012-01-03 Tony Cook[rt #71564] fix i_render_color() to work in normal...
2012-01-03 Tony Cookdon't pass a ssize_t to a %d format string
2011-11-25 Tony Cook[rt #72643] font drivers require Imager 0.86 for the...
2011-11-21 Tony Cookupdate "Converting from one file format to another...
2011-11-21 Tony Cook[rt #67911] add gray, gray4, gray16 preset color palettes
2011-11-21 Tony Cookdiag methods missing from the method index or are undoc...
2011-11-19 Tony Cook[rt #72475] make the error messages from read() match...
2011-11-19 Tony Cooknote the purpose of a complex test
2011-11-12 Tony Cookadjust the ICO over-size write failure tests for the...
2011-11-12 Tony Cook[rt #69599] correctly handle 256 x 256 ICO files
2011-11-12 Tony Cookdon't include MYMETA.yml in MANIFEST
2011-11-12 Tony Cook[rt #68815] document i_psamp_bits() and i_gsamp_bits()
2011-11-12 Tony Cook[rt #72369] Document the return value of the filter...
2011-11-12 Tony Cookinclude the unknown words on STDERR for spelling failures
2011-11-02 Tony Cooknote the addition of the tests
2011-11-02 Tony Cookactually include the Imager::Test tests in the dist
2011-10-31 Tony Cookproperly increment $VERSION for Imager::Matrix2d
2011-10-31 Tony Cook0.86 release v0.86
2011-10-27 Tony Cookimprove failure reporting for W32 tests
2011-10-24 Tony Cook0.85_02 release v0.85_02
2011-10-24 Tony Cooknote the previous change
2011-10-24 Tony Cook[rt #71643] search a few more places for libraries
2011-10-23 Tony Cookunbreak library probes on non-Win32
2011-10-23 Tony Cookimprove MSVC support some more
2011-10-17 Tony Cookfix what I broke in 91abfd10e623
2011-10-17 Tony Cookmove a variable declaration to the top of a block for...
2011-10-17 Tony Cookignore some more Win32 build products
2011-10-17 Tony Cookprovide XS OUTPUT clauses for i_transform2/i_transform
2011-10-17 Tony Cook[rt #71642] make vsnprintf() available on Win32
2011-10-15 Tony Cook[rt #71675] make the APIRef synopsis ordering consistent
2011-10-15 Tony Cook[rt #68993] check the number of conv coefficients is...
2011-10-15 Tony Cook[rt #71607] update the README contributor list
2011-10-15 Tony Cook[rt #68994] initialize the btm data structure more...
2011-10-14 Tony CookNote the default font color change in a few more places
2011-10-14 Tony Cook[rt #69158] *_has_chars() now returns PL_sv_yes/PL_sv_no
2011-10-14 Tony Cook[rt #69879] various T1 improvments
2011-10-14 Tony Cookadd overloaded eq to Imager::Matrix2d
2011-10-14 Tony Cookdepend on Scalar::Util since we use it and older perls...
2011-10-14 Tony Cookadd extra ppport.h configuration to support older perls
2011-10-14 Tony Cook[rt #71641] provide a STRLEN typemap entry for older...
2011-10-13 Tony Cook[rt #71653] i_log_entry() used the supplied string...
2011-10-11 Tony Cookupdate patches information
2011-10-10 Tony Cook[rt #70656] apply the last the Debian spelling fixes
2011-10-10 Tony Cooknote some other changes
2011-10-10 Tony Cook[rt 69245] eliminate unused i_gif_opts type
2011-10-10 Tony Cook[rt #71309] fix combine=0 fill color anti-aliasing
2011-10-10 Tony Cook[rt #71469] make default text color non-transparent
2011-10-10 Tony Cook0.85_01 release v0.85_01
2011-10-10 Tony CookMerge the I/O buffering branch
2011-09-12 Tony Cookdocument the new test image functions
2011-09-12 Tony Cookadd simple tests for the Imager::Test test_image functions
2011-08-29 Tony Cook0.85 release v0.85
2011-08-29 Tony Cookbump the version requirement to something EU::MM will...
2011-08-29 Tony Cookupdate Imager dependency for W32/
2011-08-29 Tony Cooknote the getheight change
2011-08-22 Mark A. Stratmanfix the link in the getheight() entry in the method...
2011-08-22 Tony Cook0.84_02 release v0.84_02
2011-08-22 Tony Cooksub-module version bumps and Changes notes in prep...
2011-08-21 Tony Cook[rt #69877] don't leave t1 marked as initialized if...
2011-08-21 Tony Cook[rt #69147] detect and use snprintf() more
2011-08-16 Tony Cookbasic clean up of Makefile.PL
2011-08-15 Tony Cook[rt #70126] optimize the flines filter implementations
2011-08-15 Tony Cookupdate Changes for the last two commits
2011-08-15 Tony Cook[rt #69008] depend on a CPAN::Meta that depends on...
2011-08-15 Tony Cook[rt #69242] don't leak memory when setscanline() is...
2011-08-15 Tony Cook[rt #69170] update the bundled Devel::CheckLib with...
2011-08-15 Tony Cookfix TIFF test count to include the new ifd loop tests
2011-08-15 Tony Cooknote the IFD loop fix
2011-08-15 Tony Cook[rt #69194] include more information in read()/write...
2011-08-15 Tony Cookavoid looping badly on IFD loops in TIFF images, assumi...
2011-08-12 Tony Cook[rt #69915] check image file limits when reading TIFF...
2011-08-08 Tony Cook0.84_01 development release v0.84_01
2011-08-08 Tony Cookavoid warning about gccversion being non-numeric
2011-08-08 Tony CookJPEG file format documentation (itu 81)
2011-08-08 Tony Cookswitch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly
2011-06-20 Tony Cook0.84 release v0.84
2011-06-20 Tony Cookmore manifest updates
2011-06-20 Tony CookMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-20 Tony Cookupdate sub-manifests
2011-06-20 Tony Cookcorrect type of length passed to i_utf8_advance()
2011-06-20 Tony Cookmake it so we can release sub-dists from the Imager...
2011-06-18 Tony Cookadd Devel::CheckLib to each sub-module and ensure it...
2011-06-18 Tony Cookbump sub-module versions
2011-06-18 Tony Cookbinmode lib/Imager/APIRef.pod to avoid diffs from line...
2011-06-18 Tony Cookfix ignores for Win32
2011-06-18 Tony Cookremove META.yml from MANIFEST, make dist adds it back...
2011-06-15 Tony Cookavoid warnings from comparing a dev version number...
2011-06-14 Tony Cookcorrect the API i_get_image_file_limits() macro
2011-06-14 Tony Cookreport the mismatched version numbers if the Imager...
2011-06-14 Tony Cookthe PERL_INITIALIZE_IMAGER_PERL_CALLBACKS was checking...
2011-06-08 Tony Cookprogressive JPEG support
2011-06-08 Tony Cookreplace (imager|tony) with