2013-07-09 Tony Cookupdate Changes for the PNG work
2013-07-09 Tony Cook[rt #86659] PNG benign error support is more complex...
2013-07-05 Tony Cook[rt #86658] add a missing AUTHOR heading
2013-07-05 Tony Cook[rt #86658] scan MANIFEST for pod to check, not blib
2013-07-05 Tony Cook[rt #86659] treat a libpng header/lib version mismatch...
2013-07-05 Tony CookChanges typo fixes
2013-07-01 Tony CookImager 0.96_01 release v0.96_01
2013-07-01 Tony Cookskip an alarm using test if the perl signal detection...
2013-07-01 Tony Cookadjust the IEEEFP check for older versions of perl
2013-07-01 Tony Cookfix the test skip count for 350-font/030-ttoo.t
2013-07-01 Tony Cookfix a format string error introduced in the XS re-work
2013-06-14 Tony Cookfix various GCC warnings, mostly initialized but otherw...
2013-06-14 Tony Cook[rt #73359] un-TODO the test for FT1
2013-06-10 Tony Cookupdate Changes with the FT2 gsamp/psamp change
2013-06-10 Tony Cook[rt #83478] use psamp/gsamp to implement i_ft2_cp()
2013-06-10 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2013-06-10 Tony Cook[rt #73359] draw non-aa text in alpha combining mode...
2013-06-10 Tony Cook[rt #73359] draw non-AA text using FT2 in normal mode
2013-06-07 Tony Cookadd a drop shadow entry to the cookbook and a sample too
2013-06-07 Tony Cook[rt #85746] add support for libpng 1.6
2013-05-25 Tony Cooktest an uncovered part of the internal hlines object api
2013-05-25 Tony Cookthe "fix" for 69243 is complete enough for now
2013-05-25 Tony Cookre-work much of Imager.xs, using typemaps where possible
2013-05-24 Tony Cookgcov the derived .c file as well as the .xs or .im...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] a summary change note for most of the XS...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] move our special typemap entries to the...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] greatly simplify XS for i_bezier_multi()
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use names instead of ST(n) for i_new_fill_i...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] simplify XS for i_new_fill_hatchf?() and...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] simplify XS for i_tags_find() and i_tags_fi...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use names for i_tags_add() instead of ST...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use names for i_tags_addn() instead of...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] greatly simplify XS for i_gpixf()
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] remove unnecessary warning comment from...
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] slightly simplify XS for i_gsamp()
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] simplify XS for i_findcolor()
2013-05-22 Tony Cook[rt #69243] re-work XS for i_getcolors()
2013-05-22 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use the typemap for i_get_pixel()'s return...
2013-05-22 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use SysRet for i_addcolors() return value
2013-05-22 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use the HV * typemap for DSO_call()
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use T_AVARRAY for i_gradgen too
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] add the T_AVARRAY typemap and use it
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] modify i_transform() XS to use the AV*...
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] reformat i_map() XS
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] change i_map() to use the AV* typemap
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] reformat i_matrix_transform() XS
2013-05-21 Tony Cookre-work the XS clean up Changes note
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use the AV* typemap for i_matrix_transform()
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use the AV* typemap for i_poly_aa() and...
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #84963] Imager::Color::rgba() now returns integer...
2013-05-20 Tony Cook[rt #74540] handle the TIFF SampleFormat tag
2013-05-20 Tony Cookadd pod structure test to the manifest
2013-05-19 Tony CookImager 0.96 release v0.96
2013-05-19 Tony Cookupdate JPEG/Changes
2013-05-19 Tony Cookmodify xt/x90cmpversion.t to produce a report on sub...
2013-05-19 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2013-05-19 Tony Cook[rt #85413] add a test for standard POD headings and...
2013-05-19 Tony Cook[rt #85143] remove an errant trailing ' from a =head1...
2013-05-18 Tony Cookupdate unshipped spell checking to work with Debian...
2013-05-18 Tony Cookescape a / in the link text of an L<> causing pod failures
2013-05-06 Tony Cook[rt #74875] add unshipped test for unclosed pod in...
2013-05-03 Tony Cook[rt #84963] force C locale for gcc -print-search-dirs
2013-05-02 Tony Cook[rt #84596] rearrange Imager's test files
2013-04-19 Tony Cook0.95 release v0.95
2013-04-19 Tony Cookbump Imager::Test version, which should have been done...
2013-04-19 Tony Cookrelease prep: update font handlers to depend on next...
2013-04-19 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2013-04-08 Tony Cookchanges updates
2013-04-08 Tony Cookalso check individual files get version bumps on changes
2013-04-08 Tony Cook[rt #84106] document transform() vs bounding_box()
2013-04-08 Tony Cookuse SvPVbyte() where appropriate for i_io_*write()
2013-04-05 Tony Cook0.94_02 release v0.94_02
2013-04-03 Tony Cookupdate Changes to date
2013-04-03 Tony Cookenable the debug log for the standard font tests
2013-04-03 Tony Cookskip testing UTF-8 overloaded test on pre-5.8
2013-04-03 Tony CookTIFF: fix some format string/argument type mismatches
2013-04-03 Tony CookJPEG: fix some format string/argument type mismatches
2013-04-03 Tony CookFT2: fix some format string/argument type mismatches
2013-04-03 Tony Cookpre-5.10 perlio doesn't report read errors properly...
2013-04-01 Tony Cookreport the version of Inline used during testing
2013-03-02 Tony Cook0.94_01 release v0.94_01
2013-03-01 Tony Cookallocate the correct number of stack entries for glyph_...
2013-03-01 Tony Cookmissing variable initialization for glyph_names for FT2
2013-03-01 Tony Cook[rt #83454] document that font errors are in Imager...
2013-02-28 Tony Cookmore Changes updates
2013-02-25 Tony Cookproperly test UTF8 handling for FT1, and fix it
2013-02-25 Tony Cookimplement standard font tests for Imager::Font::W32
2013-02-23 Tony Cooksome Changes updates
2013-02-23 Tony Cookfix T1 test sample output
2013-02-23 Tony Cookdocument can_glyph_names()
2013-02-23 Tony Cookuse the standard font tests for Freetype 1.x (TT) too
2013-02-23 Tony Cookuse the standard font tests for FT2 too
2013-02-23 Tony Cooktest that sub-module MANIFESTs include all the files...
2013-02-23 Tony Cookpull some basic tests all fonts should pass into Imager...
2013-02-23 Tony Cookprefer static first
2013-02-22 Tony Cookfix channel output for FT2
2013-02-22 Tony Cookfix error handling for invalid utf8 for T1
2013-02-22 Tony Cookfix error handling in the bounding_box() wrapper method
2013-02-21 Tony Cooktests and fixes for corrrect handling of magic in T1
2013-02-21 Tony Cooktests and fixes for correct handling of get magic in FT2