2012-11-24 Tony CookWIP, it compiles
2012-11-24 Tony CookWIP, more context changes
2012-11-24 Tony CookWIP context objects
2012-11-24 Tony Cook[rt #65814] extra diagnostics
2012-11-23 Tony Cookchange note for reporting the FT2 library version
2012-11-23 Tony Cookreport the Freetype 2 library version to STDERR in...
2012-11-23 Tony Cookchange notes up to date
2012-11-20 Tony Cook[rt #81198] clarify the return value of getpixel()
2012-11-20 Tony Cookbump T1 version due to change for parallel testing
2012-11-12 Tony Cookavoid a race condition on parallel testing for T1/
2012-10-19 Tony Cookfix handling of yoff for untransformed image based...
2012-10-19 Tony Cookadd examples to the Imager::Fill documentation
2012-10-18 Tony Cookdoc cleanups for Imager::Fill
2012-10-15 Tony Cook0.93 release v0.93
2012-10-15 Tony Cookchanges note for sub-module --verbose handling
2012-10-15 Tony Cook[rt #75878] pass --verbose through to Imager::Probe...
2012-10-15 Tony Cookbump PNG and W32 versions since they've changed
2012-10-15 Tony Cooknote .dSYM clean up change
2012-10-15 Tony CookDevel::CheckLib: remove generated .dSYM directories...
2012-10-15 Tony Cookinitialize the SortFlag for colour maps for giflib 5.x
2012-10-15 Tony Cookignore build products on OS X
2012-10-12 Tony Cookcheck for the uninitialized gif89 bug in 4.2.0 and...
2012-10-12 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2012-10-12 Tony Cookre-work GIF version setting to support the upcoming...
2012-10-08 Tony Cooknote the setsamples() change
2012-10-08 Tony Cook[rt #79990] don't copy setsamples() data parameter
2012-10-08 Tony Cooknote the Image::ExifData change
2012-10-08 Tony Cook[rt #79251] note Image::ExifTool in a few places
2012-10-08 Tony Cookvarious changes updates
2012-10-08 Tony Cook[rt #79989] setsamples() isn't 16-bit only
2012-10-08 Tony Cookforce gif89a for transparency only when needed
2012-09-29 Tony Cook[rt #79922] catch an invalid matrix supplied to convert()
2012-09-29 Tony Cookbump versions of sub-modules that have been updated
2012-09-29 Tony Cook[rt #79029] support giflib 5
2012-09-29 Tony Cookavoid using globals when capturing TIFF warnings
2012-09-29 Tony Cookallow freetype-config to be found on cygwin
2012-09-29 Tony Cookmatch error message strings to those from T1Lib
2012-09-29 Tony Cookmake capturing IPTC content thread-safe
2012-09-29 Tony Cookrevert threading changes, they aren't ready for the...
2012-09-21 Tony Cookreturn a value from test_mutex()
2012-09-18 Tony Cookproperly initialize slot_alloc in context objects
2012-09-17 Tony Cookadding tracing for the slot APIs
2012-09-12 Tony Cookchange note for 39bfc9d3d
2012-09-12 Tony Cookallow freetype-config to be found on cygwin
2012-09-11 Tony Cooknote the 0.92_01 dev release
2012-09-11 Tony Cook[rt #79029] add support for giflib 5.0
2012-09-11 Tony Cookimproved thread safety for Imager
2012-09-11 Tony Cookadd mutex functions to the API
2012-09-11 Tony Cooknote the ft1 change in Changes
2012-09-10 Tony Cooksupport threading with Imager's Freetype 1.x driver
2012-09-10 Tony Cookrename font.c to fontft1.c, since it only does FT1 now
2012-09-09 Tony Cookupdate Changes for FT2 thread safety
2012-09-09 Tony Cookmore thread docs
2012-09-09 Tony Cookthread safety for the FT2 driver
2012-09-09 Tony Cookupdate MANIFEST for the T1 changes
2012-09-09 Tony Cookupdate changes for T1
2012-09-09 Tony Cookupdate changes
2012-09-09 Tony Cookprovide better control over AA, and improve error handling
2012-09-09 Tony Cookmatch error message strings to those from T1Lib
2012-09-09 Tony Cookthread-safe T1lib interface
2012-08-26 Tony Cookmore TODOs
2012-08-26 Tony Cookadd the context slot APIs
2012-08-26 Tony Cookuse stdc malloc instead of mymalloc()
2012-08-25 Tony Cookdocument threads support
2012-08-25 Tony Cookavoid re-entrancy into giflib using the mutex API
2012-08-25 Tony Cookavoid re-entrancy into libtiff using the mutex api
2012-08-25 Tony Cookadd mutex functions to the API
2012-08-17 Tony Cookupdate manifest for missing files
2012-08-16 Tony Cookstart a change note
2012-08-16 Tony Cookavoid using globals when capturing TIFF warnings
2012-08-16 Tony Cooktest for uncommitted changes too
2012-08-16 Tony Cookbump version for iptc capture change
2012-08-14 Tony Cookmake capturing IPTC content thread-safe
2012-08-14 Tony Cookeliminate some unused code
2012-08-14 Tony Cookfill out documentation
2012-08-14 Tony Cookfix C89 and non-threaded builds
2012-08-14 Tony Cookmore i_fatal
2012-08-14 Tony Cookadd i_errors()/im_errors() to the API
2012-08-14 Tony Cookavoid i_push_errorf() and i_fatal() in a few more places
2012-08-14 Tony Cookpick up im_ prefix functions too
2012-08-14 Tony Cookhide i_fatal() under IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cooktest the API under IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookadd some context dependent functions to the API
2012-08-14 Tony Cookmake dIMCTXio() public
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate bmp.c to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookhide the i_push_errorf() prototype for IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookremove the obsolete and unused i_img_new() function
2012-08-14 Tony Cookrebuild Imager::APIRef
2012-08-14 Tony Cooklog more drawing primitives
2012-08-14 Tony Cookdon't define mm_log() with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookremove more unused variable warnings
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate datatypes.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate palimg.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate log.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate limits.c with IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate I/O layers to accept a context on creation
2012-08-14 Tony Cookre-work the context macros
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate imgdouble.c to avoid mm_log().
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate img8.c to avoid mm_log()
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate img16.c to avoid mm_log()