2001-05-04 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded flip() and docs to and i_flipxy() to...
2001-05-02 Tony Cookdocument the "tiny" option for tr_orddith
2001-04-30 Tony Cookforgot to change this one after fixing t105gif.t
2001-04-26 Tony Cookhad broken handing for the giflib version
2001-04-26 Tony Cookoops, put code before declaration
2001-04-26 Tony Cookoops, added new tests without adding skips for when...
2001-04-24 Tony Cookadded new test scripts
2001-04-24 Tony Cooknoted a bunch of changes, switched to space based forma...
2001-04-24 Tony Cooktiff tests extracted from t10formats.t
2001-04-24 Tony Cookextracted ppm tests from t10formats.t
2001-04-24 Tony Cookextracted png tests from t10formats.t and adjusted...
2001-04-24 Tony Cookextracted jpeg tests from t10formats.t
2001-04-24 Tony Cookadded code to report errors from gif file reading/writing
2001-04-24 Tony Cookextracted gif tests from t10formats.t and added a few...
2001-04-24 Tony Cooksome error reporting in image writing
2001-04-24 Tony Cookmodified gif read code to report errors rather than...
2001-04-24 Tony Cookadded error reporting code
2001-04-24 Tony Cookwe can lose that FIXME, I think
2001-04-24 Tony Cooknicer skip message
2001-04-24 Tony Cookdidn't include the new test in the count for when there...
2001-04-24 Tony Cookextracted from t10formats and added some new tests
2001-04-24 Tony Cookdocument the interleave option for reading raw images
2001-04-23 Tony Cookdocumented options for reading raw images
2001-04-22 Tony Cooknote some changes
2001-04-22 Tony Cookoops, tiff only handles 3-channel images so far
2001-04-22 Tony is needed for tests
2001-04-22 Tony Cookadded test to write a partially transparent gif image
2001-04-22 Tony Cookchanges to claim a palette entry if the caller wants...
2001-04-22 Tony Cookminor doc fix
2001-04-22 Tony Cookadded support for od_tiny ordered dither and made it...
2001-04-22 Tony Cookadded a new transparency ordered dither (works better...
2001-04-22 Tony Cookadded another transparency quantization method
2001-04-22 Tony Cookminor clarifications on producing transparent gifs
2001-04-12 Tony Cookpreviously testing with giflib3 gave errors on all...
2001-04-12 Tony Cookadded function to check giflib version
2001-04-12 Tony Cooknote some gif fixes
2001-04-12 Tony Cookregression test for writing single colour images with...
2001-04-12 Tony Cook1 colour images don't make much sense to giflib, make...
2001-04-12 Tony CookI'm suprised the errno.h is needed, but here it is
2001-04-10 Tony Cookadded error reporting code
2001-04-10 Tony Cookadded declarations for error handling code
2001-04-10 Tony Cookadded error codes and calls to m_fatal() on fatal errors
2001-04-10 Tony Cookadded low-level error handling module
2001-04-10 Tony Cookaccess to lower-level error messages
2001-04-10 Tony Cookread failures of pnm files now report low-level errors
2001-04-10 Tony Cooknoted addition of error handling code
2001-04-10 Tony Cookerror handling code
2001-04-10 Tony Cookinvalid ppm file, test file for t/t05errors.t
2001-04-10 Tony Cookbasic test code for error reporting
2001-04-08 Tony CookC level error handling code
2001-04-08 Tony Cooksee the patch :)
2001-04-03 Tony Cookupdated Win32 section to indicate more image file forma...
2001-04-03 Tony Cooknote on Win32 libtiff support
2001-04-03 Tony CookWin32 handling for checking for libtiff
2001-04-02 Tony Cooknote about Win32 jpeg support
2001-04-02 Tony CookWin32 jpeg support
2001-04-02 Tony CookWin32 support (specifically VC++)
2001-04-02 Tony Cookactually test that the colour is being set
2001-04-02 Tony Cookactually call the function now
2001-04-02 Tony Cooknotes Win32 libpng and set_internal changes
2001-04-02 Tony Cookfixed the problem with 2 references to the one i_color...
2001-04-02 Tony Cookadded test to check for crash in set_internal() (and...
2001-04-02 Tony Cookremoved junk left over from when I tried to use a typem...
2001-04-02 Tony Cooklibpng support for Win32
2001-03-30 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded STATUS, other updates are just from touching...
2001-03-25 Tony Cookadded pod for internal and external symbols
2001-03-25 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonInitial revision Imager-0_38 Imager-0_38pre9