2010-12-06 Tony Cookuse DEFINE from Imager::Probe
2010-12-06 Tony Cookdocument DEFINE key in return value
2010-12-06 Tony Cookmake the returned key match EU::MM
2010-12-06 Tony Cookolder versions of EU::MM don't export WriteEmptyMakefil...
2010-12-06 Tony Cookparse defines from the options returned by pkg-config...
2010-11-12 Tony Cooknote licensing of the makeblended font code in MMOne.pfb
2010-11-12 Tony Cookreport the error if we can't load the MM font
2010-11-11 Tony Cookfix for rt 62855
2010-10-31 Tony Cookadd the combine method
2010-10-31 Tony Cookadd a stopword to pass spellcheck
2010-10-31 Tony Cookcorrect synopsis
2010-10-26 Tony Cookupdate the copyright in the README
2010-10-24 Tony Cookadd sample
2010-10-24 Tony Cookset jpegquality to 100 as Dan suggested
2010-10-24 Tony Cookthe convert() method now optimizes the case where all...
2010-10-23 Tony Cookconvert benchmark
2010-10-23 Tony Cookreorganize convert.c to
2010-10-23 Tony Cookload Imager::Color::Float in NCF
2010-10-23 Tony Cookfix typo
2010-10-20 Tony Cookfill out the documentation of Imager::Test, and test...
2010-10-08 Tony Cookremove breakpoint from W32 Makefile.PL
2010-10-08 Tony Cookdon't use a sub we don't define locally
2010-10-08 Tony Cooknote about JPEG for sample
2010-10-04 Tony Cook0.78 release Imager-0.78
2010-10-04 Tony Cooksvn url updates
2010-10-04 Tony Cookignores from sep dist
2010-10-04 Tony Cookextra files from separate PNG
2010-10-01 Tony Cookdetect some more file types
2010-09-28 Tony Cookallow Imager::Probe to accept arrayrefs for incpath...
2010-09-28 Tony Cookdocument briefly that color names are slower than color...
2010-09-27 Tony Cookuse accessor functions to access deprecated members...
2010-09-27 Tony Cook0.77_02 release
2010-09-27 Tony Cookadd flood fill test image
2010-09-27 Tony Cookfix test count
2010-09-26 Tony Cookfix flood_fill some more
2010-09-26 Tony Cookprobe test code for FT2, including extending Imager...
2010-09-26 Tony Cookdon't index FT2/
2010-09-26 Tony CookWin32 build products
2010-09-25 Tony Cooktest image for flood fills
2010-09-25 Tony CookMove freetype 2 support into its own module
2010-09-19 Tony Cookflood_fill() wouldn't fill the right side of a single...
2010-09-19 Tony Cooknote test against jpeg 8b
2010-09-16 Tony Cookclean up various testout directories on a make clean
2010-09-16 Tony Cookdon't display the raw text version of the gih header...
2010-09-16 Tony Cookuse test files that exist
2010-09-16 Tony Cookignore W32/testout and remove it on a clean
2010-09-16 Tony Cookuse the newer "W32" spelling of Win32 for the font...
2010-09-16 Tony Cookdon't index W32
2010-09-16 Tony Cooknote the move of the Win32 support
2010-09-16 Tony Cookavoid a grocer's apostrophe
2010-09-16 Tony Cookdon't capture the test comment as the mkdir permission
2010-09-16 Tony Cookmove win32 font support in a new directory, and use...
2010-09-13 Tony Cooklook at the correct %Config library and include paths
2010-09-13 Tony Cook0.77_01 release
2010-09-13 Tony Cookadd test code for the JPEG probe
2010-09-06 Tony Cooknote on the PNG / Imager::Probe change
2010-09-06 Tony Cooksearch more places for PNG headers and libraries
2010-09-06 Tony Cookclarify that Imager doesn't write EXIF data to images
2010-09-06 Tony Cookrecord benchmarks with the x color lookup fix
2010-09-06 Tony Cookfix X name lookup caching
2010-09-06 Tony Cookmore optimization - pretty minor returns
2010-09-05 Tony Cookoptimize filled box drawing
2010-09-05 Tony Cookre-work box() to avoid creating the default color objec...
2010-09-05 Tony Cooknote JPEG move
2010-09-05 Tony Cooktest default color for box drawing
2010-08-31 Tony Cookmove JPEG into it's own module
2010-08-25 Tony Cookmove TIFF into its own module
2010-08-23 Tony Cookreturn the real giflib version, rather than the dummy
2010-08-23 Tony Cookonly prepend ./ to font filenames when passing them...
2010-08-23 Tony Cookignore more build products
2010-08-23 Tony Cookremove the moved test files
2010-08-23 Tony Cookmove the GIF file handling code into a sub-module
2010-08-19 Tony Cookuse $Config{path_sep} instead of working it out on...
2010-08-19 Tony Cook - add each library-directory/pkgconfig/ to the pkg...
2010-08-13 Tony Cookupdates from Imager-File-PNG
2010-08-13 Tony Cookmake the svn repository URL more direct
2010-08-11 Tony Cook0.77 release Imager-0.77
2010-08-11 Tony Cookupdate META.yml so PNG isn't indexed, and add some...
2010-08-11 Tony Cook0.76 release Imager-0.76
2010-08-11 Tony Cookthe easy way to get Imager on Win32
2010-08-11 Tony Cooktypo
2010-08-10 Tony Cookthe align_string() method would ignore a string of...
2010-08-09 Tony Cook0.75_03 release
2010-08-09 Tony Cookupdate release notes
2010-08-09 Tony Cookretain compatibility with the original Devel::CheckLib...
2010-08-09 Tony Cookhandle key iteration for the simulated %formats correctly
2010-08-09 Tony Cookhandle multiple library tests correctly in probe
2010-08-07 Tony Cook0.75_02 release
2010-08-07 Tony Cookadd file missing from MANIFEST, and make test produce...
2010-08-06 Tony Cook0.75_01 release
2010-08-06 Tony Cookreport if the test code fails on a probe
2010-08-06 Tony Cookuse a test image file that's actually available
2010-08-06 Tony Cookmerge PNG branch and some clean-up
2010-08-05 Tony Cookgrab the current development Devel::CheckLib, it has...
2010-08-03 Tony Cookwhen probing for TIFF, set LD_RUN_PATH just as the...
2010-08-03 Tony Cookadd the hardinvertall filter
2010-08-03 Tony Cookupdate the documentation of hardinvert to match the...
2010-07-26 Tony Cookbetter test coverage for tiff processing
2010-07-26 Tony Cookdon't test threads when running a coverage test, since...
2010-07-12 Tony Cookslight performance improvement for cases where the...