eliminate use vars
[imager.git] / lib / Imager / Probe.pm
2020-06-13 Tony Cookeliminate use vars
2020-05-17 Tony Cookbump $Imager::Probe::VERSION
2020-05-17 Tony Cookcygwin can use an empty extension for exes too
2018-12-06 Tony Cookfix a dumb error in Imager::Probe
2018-12-06 Tony Cooksupport libbase as an arrayref for fake probing
2016-03-15 Tony Cookextract include paths from gcc if we can
2014-11-22 Tony Cookmore verbose probe output
2013-10-18 Tony Cook[rt #86428] search a few more places for libraries...
2013-05-19 Tony Cook[rt #85413] add a test for standard POD headings and...
2013-05-03 Tony Cook[rt #84963] force C locale for gcc -print-search-dirs
2012-04-28 Tony Cookfix a typo
2012-04-28 Tony Cook[rt #74043] handle static linking of libpng with libz
2012-04-27 Tony Cook[rt #75869] make sure EU::MM can find libraries found...
2012-04-27 Tony Cookmore verbose probe output
2011-10-24 Tony Cook[rt #71643] search a few more places for libraries
2011-10-23 Tony Cookimprove MSVC support some more
2011-03-14 Tony Cook[RT #65955] handle LD_RUN_PATH ignores with -rpath...
2010-12-06 Tony Cookdocument DEFINE key in return value
2010-12-06 Tony Cookmake the returned key match EU::MM
2010-12-06 Tony Cookparse defines from the options returned by pkg-config...
2010-09-28 Tony Cookallow Imager::Probe to accept arrayrefs for incpath...
2010-09-26 Tony Cookprobe test code for FT2, including extending Imager...
2010-09-16 Tony Cookavoid a grocer's apostrophe
2010-09-13 Tony Cooklook at the correct %Config library and include paths
2010-09-06 Tony Cooksearch more places for PNG headers and libraries
2010-08-19 Tony Cookuse $Config{path_sep} instead of working it out on...
2010-08-19 Tony Cook - add each library-directory/pkgconfig/ to the pkg...
2010-08-09 Tony Cookhandle multiple library tests correctly in probe
2010-08-06 Tony Cookreport if the test code fails on a probe
2010-08-06 Tony Cookmerge PNG branch and some clean-up