eliminate use vars
[imager.git] / lib / Imager / Font / BBox.pm
2020-06-13 Tony Cookeliminate use vars
2010-04-12 Tony Cookhuge spelling update and spell checking patch
2008-12-12 Tony Cook - re-arrange the POD for Imager::Font::BBox:
2006-07-04 Tony Cooksvn:ignore some more profiler files and other junk
2005-12-30 Tony Cook- switched to subversion - changed $VERSION that was...
2005-08-08 Tony Cook- added VERSION numbers to most .pms
2005-04-24 Tony Cook- Imager::Font::BBox objects now have right_bearing...
2005-04-20 Tony Cook- Imager::Font::BBox advance_width() method was falling...
2005-04-20 Tony Cook- fix a few compiler warnings
2002-12-31 Tony Cook - implemented i_t1_has_chars(), tests for same