avoid a possible sign-extension for offsets/sizes in SGI
[imager.git] / convert.im
2012-12-14 Tony Cookimproved support for threads
2012-11-24 Tony Cookupdate convert.im to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-09-29 Tony Cookrevert threading changes, they aren't ready for the...
2012-09-11 Tony Cookimproved thread safety for Imager
2012-08-14 Tony Cookupdate convert.im to IMAGER_NO_CONTEXT
2012-08-13 Tony Cookfix a static vs extern function mismatch
2011-08-08 Tony Cookswitch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly
2010-10-31 Tony Cookcorrect synopsis
2010-10-24 Tony Cookthe convert() method now optimizes the case where all...
2010-10-23 Tony Cookreorganize convert.c to convert.im