revert threading changes, they aren't ready for the mainline yet
[imager.git] / TIFF / imtiff.c
2012-09-29 Tony Cookrevert threading changes, they aren't ready for the...
2012-09-11 Tony Cookimproved thread safety for Imager
2012-08-25 Tony Cookavoid re-entrancy into libtiff using the mutex api
2012-08-16 Tony Cookavoid using globals when capturing TIFF warnings
2011-10-10 Tony CookMerge the I/O buffering branch
2011-08-21 Tony Cook[rt #69147] detect and use snprintf() more
2011-08-15 Tony Cookavoid looping badly on IFD loops in TIFF images, assumi...
2011-08-12 Tony Cook[rt #69915] check image file limits when reading TIFF...
2011-08-08 Tony Cookswitch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly
2011-06-08 Tony Cookreplace (imager|tony) with
2010-08-25 Tony Cookmove TIFF into its own module