fix a fence post error validating a combing mode number
[imager.git] / t / 250-draw /
2018-11-24 Tony Cookimprove error reporting for the polygon method
2016-03-17 Tony Cookadd write failure diagnostics for 250-draw/010-draw.t
2015-05-09 Tony Cookmore flood_fill tests
2015-04-26 Tony Cookadd a few extra flood fill tests
2015-04-26 Tony Cook[rt #103786] prevent fills crossing 4-connected boundaries
2015-01-25 Tony Cookimproved polygon support
2015-01-25 Tony Cookaccess to poly_poly from perl as polypolygon()
2013-07-01 Tony Cookskip an alarm using test if the perl signal detection...
2013-05-02 Tony Cook[rt #84596] rearrange Imager's test files