Devel::CheckLib: remove generated .dSYM directories on OS X
[imager.git] / JPEG / Changes
2012-10-08 Tony Cookvarious changes updates
2012-07-28 Tony Cookallow JPEG/imexif.c to build on C89 compilers
2012-03-09 Tony Cook[rt #75560] don't fallback to using DynaLoader when...
2011-10-31 Tony Cook0.86 release v0.86
2011-08-22 Tony Cooksub-module version bumps and Changes notes in prep...
2011-06-20 Tony Cookmake it so we can release sub-dists from the Imager...
2011-06-08 Tony Cookprogressive JPEG support
2010-10-04 Tony Cook0.78 release Imager-0.78