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invalid quantization options now result in an error rather than defaults
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2008-04-16 Tony CookTODO: elliptical arc
2008-04-07 Tony Cooknew plans
2007-12-04 Tony Cookmore done
2007-12-04 Tony Cooktest for pbm images matching the original
2007-12-03 Tony Cookmore todo, some stuff done
2007-12-03 Tony Cook - work around Module::Depends::Intrusive bug #21229
2007-12-03 Tony Cookwork around the 5.005_0[45] B bug
2007-11-28 Tony Cook0.61_01 release
2007-11-27 Tony Cookmore for 0.62
2007-11-26 Tony Cookmerge in tiff re-work branch
2007-11-22 Tony Cookplanning too far ahead
2007-11-12 Tony Cookalpha channel fixes for mixing scaling
2007-11-09 Tony Cook0.62 goals
2007-11-04 Tony Cookwe never write CMYK
2007-10-30 Tony Cookmore done
2007-10-30 Tony Cook - validate chan_count for chans == NULL for each of...
2007-10-29 Tony Cook - the SGI RLE compression code could overflow its...
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - test 171 in t/t01introvert.t was failing on perls...
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - Imager::Font::Wrap doesn't correctly set savepos
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - some sub-directory tests depended on files produced...
2007-10-26 Tony Cook - prevent a cast to integer warning on x64 builds...
2007-10-12 Tony Cook - correct handling of sz in matrix_transform() - this...
2007-10-12 Tony Cooksomething done, more to do
2007-10-04 Tony Cookmore to do
2007-09-18 Tony Cookadd some detail to TIFF TODO
2007-09-17 Tony Cookadded sample: gifscale.pl - scale an animated gif
2007-09-11 Tony Cookdefine 0.61 release goals
2007-08-29 Tony Cookdid some of it
2007-08-27 Tony Cookstuff done, more to do
2007-08-01 Tony CookImager doesn't load on Windows 98
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - transparency is now enabled by default when writing...
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - improve the error message from errstr() when you...
2007-07-31 Tony Cookremove repeated text in Imager::Files
2007-07-31 Tony Cookmake it even clearer that scale() and variants don...
2007-07-31 Tony Cookwhat to do for 0.60
2007-05-11 Tony Cookupdate TODO
2007-05-03 Tony Cookupdates
2007-04-18 Tony Cookmark gaussian done
2007-04-03 Tony Cookadd X org dist's rgb.txt location to search path
2007-04-03 Tony Cookrelease targets
2007-03-31 Tony Cookimprove the unsharpmask documentation (I hope)
2007-03-25 Tony Cookattempt to work around a compiler bug in the gcc pre...
2007-03-25 Tony Cookmore to do
2007-03-22 Tony Cookmore to do
2007-03-14 Tony Cooksanity test new ft2 rendering
2007-03-12 Tony Cookadd tests for mono make_colors
2007-03-10 Tony Cookrelease tasks for 0.56
2006-12-30 Tony CookVarious changes:
2006-08-31 Tony Cookrubthrough done
2006-08-18 Tony Cookmove the existing dynfilt test into dynfilt/t, update...
2006-08-18 Tony CookMerged in the scale branch:
2006-08-15 Tony Cookadded pixel type 'index' to getscanline() and setscanli...
2006-07-29 Tony Cookbasic todo for 0.54
2006-03-08 Tony Cookinitial targets for 0.50
2006-02-21 Tony Cook- fix/simplify META.yml generation - we now generate...
2006-02-05 Tony Cookmore todo
2005-12-19 Tony Cookthink about 0.47
2005-12-12 Tony Cookminor documentation touchups
2005-10-27 Tony Cook- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE:
2005-10-23 Tony Cookmore to do
2005-10-10 Tony Cook- add samples/replace_color.pl
2005-09-29 Tony Cookadded a brief tutorial
2005-09-13 Tony Cook- move include t1lib out of image.h to font.c, since...
2005-09-08 Tony Cook- implement getscanline(), setscanline() and getsamples...
2005-08-24 Tony Cook- convert t/t107bmp.t to Test::More
2005-08-04 Tony Cookmore to do
2005-08-03 Tony Cookmore stuff to do
2005-06-28 Tony Cookput off antialiasing work
2005-06-25 Tony Cookre-arrange for priority
2005-06-24 Tony Cookadded issue numbers
2005-06-01 Tony Cookadd to my workload
2005-06-01 Tony Cookprep TODO for next release
2005-05-17 Tony Cook- fix the filter examples in Imager::Filter so they...
2005-05-16 Tony Cookgot something done
2005-05-11 Tony Cooksomething done
2005-05-11 Tony Cookmore stuff TODO
2005-05-02 Tony Cooksomething got done!
2005-04-29 Tony Cook- the internal i_tags_get_string() function now acts...
2005-04-27 Tony Cook- Imager::Matrix2d->rotate() would only rotate around...
2005-04-27 Tony Cookright bearings done
2005-04-22 Tony Cooksome stuff done
2005-04-21 Tony Cook- the FT 1.x was comparing versus an uninitialized...
2005-04-21 Tony Cookfound a bug
2005-04-20 Tony Cook- fix a few compiler warnings
2005-04-20 Tony Cook- the segments parameter supplied to the fountain filte...
2005-04-15 Tony Cook- newer versions of GIMP add a line to gradient files...
2005-04-12 Tony Cook- added sample code for handling images uploaded via...
2005-04-06 Tony Cookupdates, rearranged to get the stuff still needed at...
2005-03-26 Tony Cook- added samp-form.cgi and samp-image.cgi to the samples...
2005-03-16 Tony Cook- added README for samples directory, describes interle...
2005-02-10 Tony Cooksome stuff done
2005-02-10 Tony Cookmore todo
2005-01-31 Tony Cooksome stuff done, moved 0.44 down to the end
2005-01-24 Tony Cookvarious TODOs done, new ones added
2004-12-15 Tony Cookwant to drop that big ppm
2004-12-15 Tony Cookprobing TODOs
2004-12-15 Tony CookImager.pm needs a concept index
2004-12-07 Tony Cooknote about META.yml
2004-12-06 Tony Cookneed better include macros
2004-12-06 Tony Cookrelease plans and minor change to tools/imager (avoid...