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add new comparison method rgb_difference that resembles arithmetical difference per...
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2021-03-10 Andreas Koenigadd new comparison method rgb_difference that resembles... master
2020-06-14 Tony Cook1.012 release
2020-06-13 Tony Cookeliminate use vars
2020-06-13 Tony CookImager is moving to github
2020-03-21 Tony CookC<> filter keywords to avoid trying to spellcheck them
2020-03-21 Tony CookLeolo's guassian2 patch
2019-03-07 Tony Cook1.011 release v1.011
2019-02-13 Tony Cookbump to Imager 1.010 v1.010
2019-02-13 Tony Cookfix method index entry for add_file_magic()
2019-02-07 Tony Cookadd the add_file_magic() class method
2019-01-11 Tony Cook1.009 release v1.009
2019-01-05 Tony Cookinvalid quantization options now result in an error...
2018-12-31 Tony Cook1.008 release v1.008
2018-12-06 Tony Cookadd some more extensions, add add_type_extensions(...
2018-11-24 Tony Cook1.007 release v1.007
2018-11-24 Tony Cookimprove error reporting for the polygon method
2017-08-26 Tony Cook1.006 release v1.006
2016-09-19 Tony CookRT #117878: handle invalid image objects for write_multi()
2016-09-15 Tony CookCVE-2016-1238 mitigation
2016-04-15 Tony Cook1.005 release v1.005
2016-04-15 Tony CookImager 1.004_004 v1.004_004
2016-03-23 Tony Cook1.004_003 release v1.004_003
2016-03-20 Tony Cook1.004_002 release v1.004_002
2016-03-16 Tony Cook1.004_001 release v1.004_001
2015-11-08 Tony Cook1.004 release v1.004
2015-11-08 Tony CookImager->new now attempts to read a file given any data...
2015-10-29 Tony Cookadd a test for the preload method
2015-10-29 Tony Cook[rt #104896] add Imager::Color::Table to preload
2015-05-12 Tony Cook1.003 release v1.003
2015-04-03 Tony Cook1.002 release v1.002
2015-03-26 Tony Cookadd colorchannels(), alphachannel() and colormodel...
2015-01-25 Tony Cookimproved polygon support
2015-01-25 Tony Cookaccess to poly_poly from perl as polypolygon()
2015-01-24 Tony Cook[perl #101682] define i_circle_aa_fill() and use it circle
2015-01-01 Tony Cook1.001 release v1.001
2014-07-29 Tony CookImager 1.000 release v1.000
2014-07-21 Tony Cook0.99_02 release v0.99_02
2014-07-16 Tony Cook[rt #97108] support Inline 0.57 and later
2014-06-29 Tony CookImager 0.99_01 test release v0.99_01
2014-06-25 Tony CookImager 0.99 release v0.99
2014-04-12 Tony Cookrt #94413: autolevels no longer color-skews
2014-03-31 Brian Fraser[rt #93272] use absolute paths for plugins on android
2014-01-02 Tony Cook0.98 version bump for release v0.98
2013-10-31 Tony Cookvarious typo fixes from David Steinbrunner and some...
2013-10-31 David Steinbrunnertypo fix
2013-10-18 Tony Cook[rt #86951] note preferred patch submission mechanism
2013-10-01 Tony Cook[rt #87650] change setpixel()'s return value
2013-07-20 Tony Cookremove github references
2013-07-15 Tony CookImager 0.97 release v0.97
2013-07-09 Tony Cook0.96_02 release v0.96_02
2013-07-01 Tony CookImager 0.96_01 release v0.96_01
2013-05-19 Tony CookImager 0.96 release v0.96
2013-04-19 Tony Cook0.95 release v0.95
2013-04-05 Tony Cook0.94_02 release v0.94_02
2013-03-02 Tony Cook0.94_01 release v0.94_01
2013-02-15 Tony Cookmove most of README to lib/Imager/Install.pod
2013-01-21 Tony Cook[rt #82743] fix the Graphics::Magick link
2013-01-12 Tony CookSupport tied/layered fh parameters for read()/write()
2013-01-12 Tony Cooksupport tied file handles
2013-01-12 Tony Cookuse PerlIO_* calls to read/write if supplied a fh
2012-12-14 Tony Cookrelease Imager 0.94 v0.94
2012-12-14 Tony Cookimproved support for threads
2012-12-14 Tony Cookconsistently use _valid_image() internally to ensure...
2012-12-14 Tony Cookcheck for the remnant from thread creation in _valid_image
2012-11-24 Tony Cookdocument threads support
2012-10-15 Tony Cook0.93 release v0.93
2012-10-08 Tony Cook[rt #79990] don't copy setsamples() data parameter
2012-10-08 Tony Cook[rt #79251] note Image::ExifTool in a few places
2012-09-29 Tony Cook[rt #79922] catch an invalid matrix supplied to convert()
2012-09-29 Tony Cookrevert threading changes, they aren't ready for the...
2012-09-11 Tony Cookimproved thread safety for Imager
2012-08-25 Tony Cookdocument threads support
2012-08-14 Tony Cook0.92 release v0.92
2012-08-13 Tony Cookremove various dangerous functions from the XS interface
2012-06-04 Tony Cook0.91 release v0.91
2012-06-04 Tony Cook[rt.cpan.org #68910] write a brief security overview
2012-06-04 Tony Cookadded the check_file_limits() method to Imager
2012-05-26 Tony Cook[rt #77063] improve rotate(degrees => ...) results.
2012-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #77173] improve error reporting on an API version...
2012-05-11 Tony Cookelimintate IIM_new and IIM_DESTROY from Imager's internals
2012-04-30 Tony Cook0.90 release v0.90
2012-03-18 Tony Cook0.89 release v0.89
2012-03-09 Tony Cook[rt #75560] don't fallback to using DynaLoader when...
2012-03-05 Tony Cook[rt #71495] method index links now point at the method...
2012-02-22 Tony CookImager 0.88 release v0.88
2012-02-19 Tony Cook[rt #73697] re-work getpixel() and setpixel()
2012-02-16 Tony CookMerge branch 'psamp'
2012-02-14 Tony Cookadd offset and width parameters to setsamples() for...
2012-02-13 Tony CookOO API
2012-02-13 Tony Cookdon't supply a default for a missing channel list
2012-02-12 Tony Cookre-work XS handling of channel lists
2012-02-12 Tony Cook[rt #74882] fix getsamples(target => \@foo, ...)
2012-01-26 Tony Cook[rt #69244] remove long unused gif case from read
2012-01-20 Tony Cooknote Debian inconsistency
2012-01-20 Tony Cook[rt #73906] add some other image processing modules...
2012-01-03 Tony Cook0.87 release v0.87
2011-11-21 Tony Cook[rt #67911] add gray, gray4, gray16 preset color palettes
2011-11-19 Tony Cook[rt #72475] make the error messages from read() match...
2011-10-31 Tony Cook0.86 release v0.86
2011-10-24 Tony Cook0.85_02 release v0.85_02