commit changes from draw branch
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2008-03-25 Tony Cookcommit changes from draw branch
2007-11-12 Tony Cookread gimp gradients with more than 9 segments
2007-07-19 Tony Cookoops, missed one
2007-07-19 Tony Cookdocumentation tweaks
2005-12-30 Tony Cook- switched to subversion - changed $VERSION that was...
2005-08-08 Tony Cook- added VERSION numbers to most .pms
2005-04-15 Tony Cook- newer versions of GIMP add a line to gradient files...
2001-11-30 Tony Cookfreetype 2 bounding box function didn't know UTF8 ...
2001-09-25 Tony Cookoops, forgot to return a value
2001-08-29 Tony Cookimplement fountain fills similar to most paint programs