commit changes from draw branch
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2008-03-25 Tony Cookcommit changes from draw branch
2007-10-29 Tony Cookfixed a type
2007-07-19 Tony Cookdocumentation tweaks
2006-07-04 Tony Cooksvn:ignore some more profiler files and other junk
2005-12-30 Tony Cook- switched to subversion - changed $VERSION that was...
2005-08-08 Tony Cook- added VERSION numbers to most .pms
2005-04-20 Tony Cook- the segments parameter supplied to the fountain filte...
2005-01-24 Tony Cook- minor cleanup of Imager::Fill
2001-11-21 Tony Cookmake color values smarter for the drawing functions
2001-10-30 Tony Cookprevent warnings/errors under 5.004_04
2001-09-19 Tony Cookimage based fills
2001-09-09 Tony Cookminor error handling in bmp.c
2001-09-02 Tony Cookan extra stipple
2001-09-01 Tony Cooksupport for generic fills for box and arc, with solid...