(rt #124001) avoid flooring a second time in matrix transform interpolation
[imager.git] / rotate.im
2018-01-05 Tony Cook(rt #124001) avoid flooring a second time in matrix...
2016-02-23 Tony Cookset pixels with no coverage to all zero
2013-06-14 Tony Cookfix various GCC warnings, mostly initialized but otherw...
2013-02-18 Tony Cook[rt #83212] avoid a possible bad optimizer on centos 5.9
2012-08-13 Tony Cookeliminate various unused variable warnings
2012-05-26 Tony Cook[rt #77063] improve rotate(degrees => ...) results.
2012-01-20 Tony Cook[rt #69261] fix incorrect image size and color calculat...
2012-01-08 Tony Cookrotate.c -> rotate.im transition