WIP, more context changes
[imager.git] / imager.h
2012-11-24 Tony CookWIP, more context changes
2012-11-24 Tony CookWIP context objects
2012-09-29 Tony Cookrevert threading changes, they aren't ready for the...
2012-09-17 Tony Cookadding tracing for the slot APIs
2012-09-11 Tony Cookimproved thread safety for Imager
2012-09-10 Tony Cooksupport threading with Imager's Freetype 1.x driver
2012-08-26 Tony Cookadd the context slot APIs
2012-08-25 Tony Cookadd mutex functions to the API
2012-08-14 Tony Cookimplement reference counting for context objects
2012-08-14 Tony CookWIP, OMG it works
2012-08-14 Tony CookWIP, it compiles
2012-08-14 Tony CookWIP, more context changes
2012-08-14 Tony CookWIP context objects
2012-08-13 Tony Cooki_init_tt() has only been used internally to font.c...
2012-05-11 Tony Cookelimintate IIM_new and IIM_DESTROY from Imager's internals
2012-04-29 Tony Cooki_get_file_background[f]?() now return int
2011-10-10 Tony CookMerge the I/O buffering branch
2011-08-08 Tony Cookswitch to using size_t and i_img_dim strictly
2011-05-23 Tony Cookadd to_rgb_double() method
2011-05-16 Tony Cookallow box() to accept floating colors for filling areas
2011-05-16 Tony Cookadd an internal i_img_samef() and adapt is_imaged(...
2010-10-31 Tony Cookadd the combine method
2010-10-23 Tony Cookreorganize convert.c to convert.im
2010-09-25 Tony CookMove freetype 2 support into its own module
2010-09-16 Tony Cookmove win32 font support in a new directory, and use...
2010-08-25 Tony Cookmove TIFF into its own module
2010-08-06 Tony Cookmerge PNG branch and some clean-up
2010-08-03 Tony Cookadd the hardinvertall filter
2010-07-03 Tony Cookreading multi-image PNM files
2010-06-20 Tony Cookmerge the thickline branch polygon fix
2010-02-25 Tony Cookmerge circle outline branch
2009-11-24 Tony Cook - use scanline oriented operations to flip images...
2009-11-06 Tony Cookadd opacity adaption fills
2009-09-28 Tony Cook - the conv filter now enforces that the sum of the...
2008-04-01 Tony Cookadd i_gsamp_bg/i_gsampf_bg functions, sample based...
2008-04-01 Tony Cook - writing a 2 or 4 channel image to a PGM/PPM will...
2008-04-01 Tony Cook - writing a 2 or 4 channel image to a JPEG will now...
2008-03-25 Tony Cookcommit changes from draw branch
2007-12-03 Tony Cook - the hardinvert filter no-longer inverts the alpha...
2007-11-26 Tony Cookmerge in tiff re-work branch
2007-08-25 Tony Cookadded cleanup, documentation, further tests and graysca...
2007-08-01 Tony Cookallow Imager to be loaded on Windows 98
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - Finished/rewrote Arnar's old SGI RGB file format...
2007-04-14 Tony Cookdocument the difference() method's mindist parameter...
2007-04-08 Tony Cookadd to_rgb16 method
2007-01-30 Tony Cookchange C<allow_partial> to C<allow_incomplete> to match...
2006-12-30 Tony CookVarious changes:
2006-10-19 Tony CookAdd UTF8 support to the Win32 font driver
2006-08-18 Tony CookMerged in the scale branch:
2006-06-27 Tony Cookimplement a flood_fill that stops at a given color...
2006-06-26 Tony Cookadd support for file write plugins
2006-03-23 Tony Cook- i_test_format_probe() now attempts to detect MS Windo...
2006-02-17 Tony Cook- make win32.c const happy
2006-02-17 Tony Cook- more memory allocation integer overflow auditing
2006-01-30 Tony Cook- eliminate many -Wall warnings
2006-01-11 Tony Cook- constify the Imager API
2006-01-10 Tony Cook- start of external Imager API access: