Move freetype 2 support into its own module
[imager.git] / imdatatypes.h
2010-09-25 Tony CookMove freetype 2 support into its own module
2010-08-23 Tony Cookmove the GIF file handling code into a sub-module
2010-04-12 Tony Cookhuge spelling update and spell checking patch
2009-09-07 Tony CookAPI documentation (mostly)
2008-03-25 Tony Cookcommit changes from draw branch
2007-11-26 Tony Cookmerge in tiff re-work branch
2007-08-25 Tony Cookadded cleanup, documentation, further tests and graysca...
2007-07-31 Tony Cook - Finished/rewrote Arnar's old SGI RGB file format...
2006-12-30 Tony CookVarious changes:
2006-03-22 Tony CookMore iolayers work:
2006-02-17 Tony Cook- more memory allocation integer overflow auditing
2006-01-11 Tony Cook- constify the Imager API
2006-01-10 Tony Cook- start of external Imager API access: