allow supplying make options to imcover.perl and abort on make failure
[imager.git] / imcover.perl
2012-12-14 Tony Cookallow supplying make options to imcover.perl and abort...
2012-11-24 Tony Cookavoid trying to gcov unincluded files
2012-11-24 Tony Cookpass extra imcover.perl command-line options through...
2012-11-24 Tony Cookallow coverage testing to test only .c code coverage
2012-02-16 Tony CookMerge branch 'psamp'
2012-02-14 Tony Cookwe don't use D::C's pod coverage, don't collect it
2012-02-13 Tony Cookallow imcover.perl to specify a subset of tests to run
2011-04-04 Tony Cooktry to generate all coverage into the one cover_db
2007-01-28 Tony Cooksimpler creation of coverage reports