- the BMP reader now validates the bfOffBits value from the BMP header
[imager.git] / bmp.c
2004-11-28 Tony Cook- the BMP reader now validates the bfOffBits value...
2004-11-25 Tony Cook- added many bad BMP files to test various code paths...
2002-01-04 Tony Cookenhanced iolayer
2001-11-25 Tony Cook- read paletted tiff images into Imager paletted images
2001-11-02 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixed missing myfree() in bmp.c.
2001-11-01 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonMissing myfree() in the default path of bmp loading.
2001-11-01 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonMinor memory leak fixes.
2001-10-31 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded io_buffer for reading from scalars. Also added...
2001-09-09 Tony Cookminor error handling in bmp.c
2001-08-19 Tony CookWindows BMP file support
2001-08-15 Tony Cookstart of bmp support (just writing so far)