0.99_02 release
[imager.git] / Changes
2014-07-21 Tony Cook0.99_02 release v0.99_02
2014-07-21 Tony Cookchange note for MAXINT removal
2014-07-16 Tony Cookupdate Changes for the Inline fix
2014-07-15 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2014-06-29 Tony CookImager 0.99_01 test release v0.99_01
2014-06-29 Tony Cooknote what release broke older perls
2014-06-27 Tony Cookskip the unnecessary palette benign error before 1.6
2014-06-27 Tony Cookfix SV type probing to not break pre perl 5.12
2014-06-27 Tony Cookadd support for giflib 5.1.0
2014-06-25 Tony CookImager 0.99 release v0.99
2014-06-13 Tony CookChanges notes for 4593278bee25
2014-04-12 Tony Cookchanges entry for autolevels fix
2014-03-31 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2014-03-31 Tony Cookupdate Changes for recent commits
2014-03-29 Tony Cookdocument Imager::IO::new_buffer() changes
2014-01-02 Tony Cook0.98 version bump for release v0.98
2013-10-18 Tony Cookchange note for 306618c39
2013-10-02 Tony Cookchange notes to date
2013-09-30 Tony Cook[rt #87338] Imager::Font::Wrap no longer requires the...
2013-09-30 Tony Cookchange note for the TT non-AA fix
2013-07-19 Tony Cookmake sure T1lib anti-aliasing is properly setup for...
2013-07-19 Tony Cookavoid reading beyond the end of the line buffer in...
2013-07-15 Tony CookImager 0.97 release v0.97
2013-07-09 Tony Cook0.96_02 release v0.96_02
2013-07-09 Tony Cookupdate Changes for the PNG work
2013-07-05 Tony Cook[rt #86658] add a missing AUTHOR heading
2013-07-05 Tony Cook[rt #86659] treat a libpng header/lib version mismatch...
2013-07-05 Tony CookChanges typo fixes
2013-07-01 Tony CookImager 0.96_01 release v0.96_01
2013-06-14 Tony Cookfix various GCC warnings, mostly initialized but otherw...
2013-06-10 Tony Cookupdate Changes with the FT2 gsamp/psamp change
2013-06-10 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2013-06-10 Tony Cook[rt #73359] draw non-aa text in alpha combining mode...
2013-05-25 Tony Cookthe "fix" for 69243 is complete enough for now
2013-05-25 Tony Cookre-work much of Imager.xs, using typemaps where possible
2013-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #69243] a summary change note for most of the XS...
2013-05-22 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use the HV * typemap for DSO_call()
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use T_AVARRAY for i_gradgen too
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] add the T_AVARRAY typemap and use it
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] modify i_transform() XS to use the AV*...
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] change i_map() to use the AV* typemap
2013-05-21 Tony Cookre-work the XS clean up Changes note
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use the AV* typemap for i_matrix_transform()
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #69243] use the AV* typemap for i_poly_aa() and...
2013-05-21 Tony Cook[rt #84963] Imager::Color::rgba() now returns integer...
2013-05-20 Tony Cook[rt #74540] handle the TIFF SampleFormat tag
2013-05-19 Tony CookImager 0.96 release v0.96
2013-05-19 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2013-04-19 Tony Cook0.95 release v0.95
2013-04-08 Tony Cookchanges updates
2013-04-05 Tony Cook0.94_02 release v0.94_02
2013-04-03 Tony Cookupdate Changes to date
2013-03-02 Tony Cook0.94_01 release v0.94_01
2013-02-28 Tony Cookmore Changes updates
2013-02-23 Tony Cooksome Changes updates
2013-02-19 Tony Cookupdate Changes with recent fixes
2013-02-18 Tony Cookchange note for the rotate change
2013-02-18 Tony Cookchange note for the JPEG version reporting change
2013-02-15 Tony Cookchange note for README to Imager::Install move
2013-01-12 Tony CookSupport tied/layered fh parameters for read()/write()
2013-01-12 Tony Cookchange note for the file handle changes
2012-12-14 Tony Cookrelease Imager 0.94 v0.94
2012-12-14 Tony Cookimproved support for threads
2012-12-14 Tony Cooknote ABI compatibility restoration
2012-11-24 Tony Cooknote the ft1 change in Changes
2012-11-24 Tony Cookupdate Changes for FT2 thread safety
2012-11-24 Tony Cookmore TODOs
2012-11-24 Tony Cookstart a change note
2012-11-24 Tony Cookfill out documentation
2012-11-23 Tony Cookchange note for reporting the FT2 library version
2012-11-23 Tony Cookchange notes up to date
2012-10-15 Tony Cook0.93 release v0.93
2012-10-15 Tony Cookchanges note for sub-module --verbose handling
2012-10-15 Tony Cooknote .dSYM clean up change
2012-10-12 Tony Cookcheck for the uninitialized gif89 bug in 4.2.0 and...
2012-10-12 Tony Cookupdate Changes
2012-10-08 Tony Cooknote the setsamples() change
2012-10-08 Tony Cooknote the Image::ExifData change
2012-10-08 Tony Cookvarious changes updates
2012-09-29 Tony Cook[rt #79029] support giflib 5
2012-09-29 Tony Cookrevert threading changes, they aren't ready for the...
2012-09-12 Tony Cookchange note for 39bfc9d3d
2012-09-11 Tony Cooknote the 0.92_01 dev release
2012-09-11 Tony Cook[rt #79029] add support for giflib 5.0
2012-09-11 Tony Cookimproved thread safety for Imager
2012-09-11 Tony Cooknote the ft1 change in Changes
2012-09-09 Tony Cookupdate Changes for FT2 thread safety
2012-09-09 Tony Cookupdate changes
2012-08-26 Tony Cookmore TODOs
2012-08-16 Tony Cookstart a change note
2012-08-14 Tony Cookfill out documentation
2012-08-14 Tony Cook0.92 release v0.92
2012-08-13 Tony Cookallow building GIF/imgif.c on C89 compilers
2012-07-28 Tony Cookallow JPEG/imexif.c to build on C89 compilers
2012-07-12 Tony Cookchange notes for giflib 4.2 support
2012-06-04 Tony Cook0.91 release v0.91
2012-06-04 Tony Cookchange notes for recent changes
2012-05-26 Tony Cook[rt #77063] improve rotate(degrees => ...) results.
2012-05-24 Tony Cook[rt #77173] improve error reporting on an API version...
2012-05-11 Tony Cookelimintate IIM_new and IIM_DESTROY from Imager's internals