add detection of BZIP2 and gzip data
[imager.git] / t / t1000files.t
2006-07-24 Tony Cookadd detection of BZIP2 and gzip data
2006-07-21 Tony Cookadd a magic entry to detect XWD files
2006-05-22 Tony Cooki_test_format_probe:
2006-03-30 Tony Cookadd format probes for SGI RGB, ILBM, XPM, PCX, FITS...
2006-03-23 Tony Cook- i_test_format_probe() now attempts to detect MS Windo...
2006-02-17 Tony Cook- eliminate sign warning from image.c
2005-08-24 Tony Cook- convert t/t107bmp.t to Test::More
2005-05-24 Tony Cookadded C< use lib 't'; > where needed
2005-05-11 Tony Cook- the internal function used to probe file formats...