- added the det() function to the transform2() engine.
[imager.git] / samples / README
2007-12-10 Tony Cook - added the det() function to the transform2() engine.
2007-09-17 Tony Cookadded sample: gifscale.pl - scale an animated gif
2007-03-29 Tony Cookadd a new sample flasher.pl
2006-05-22 Tony Cookadd inline_capture2image.pl sample
2006-01-11 Tony Cook- added sample files missing from MANIFEST
2005-12-03 Tony Cook- added samples/align-string.pl
2005-11-14 Tony Cook- add samples/tk-photo.pl
2005-10-25 Tony Cook- added sampled/slant_text.pl, and notes on shearing...
2005-10-23 Tony Cook- added samples/border.pl, and notes on adding a border in
2005-10-10 Tony Cook- add samples/replace_color.pl
2005-04-12 Tony Cook- added sample code for handling images uploaded via...
2005-03-26 Tony Cook- added samp-form.cgi and samp-image.cgi to the samples...
2005-03-16 Tony Cook- added README for samples directory, describes interle...