- i_box_cfill() went into an infinite loop on fountain fills
[imager.git] / Changes
2002-03-30 Tony Cook - i_box_cfill() went into an infinite loop...
2002-03-29 Tony Cook - handle the presence of the default broken...
2002-03-25 Tony CookTicket #369 - writing grayscale images to GIF
2002-03-19 Tony Cookmark end of 0.40pre1 changes
2002-03-19 Tony Cookquote a few hash keys to prevent warnings on 5.004
2002-03-19 Tony Cookforgot the ticket number
2002-03-18 Tony Cook*** empty log message ***
2002-03-07 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonMinor pod changes.
2002-03-06 Tony Cookmerge write to gif tags updates
2002-02-03 Tony Cookadded Artur's OSX dlload() emulation, with minor changes
2002-01-17 Tony Cookadded getpixel()/setpixel() methods
2002-01-16 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded Engines pod, moved masked images to ImageTypes...
2002-01-16 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFilter pod added.
2002-01-15 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded Image Type pod draft.
2002-01-14 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded documentation for simple transforms in a separate...
2002-01-13 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded a seperate pod for primitives drawing.
2002-01-11 Tony Cookdidn't set default for bounding_box() utf8 parameter...
2002-01-11 Tony Cookfix calculation of descender for FT2, it was calculatin...
2002-01-10 Tony Cookuse the font's first character map if we don't find...
2002-01-09 Tony Cookmodify the Freetype2 font code to pick it's own encodin...
2002-01-07 Tony Cookascii pbms weren't treated correctly
2002-01-04 Tony Cookenhanced iolayer
2001-12-28 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded read support for sgi .rgb files.
2001-12-12 Tony Cooksplit IM_INCPATH and IM_LIBPATH with $Config{path_sep...
2001-12-11 Tony Cookclaes' afm patch
2001-12-11 Tony Cookavoid allocating huge data structures on the stack
2001-12-10 Tony Cookinitialize the index when packing 4 bit data into bytes
2001-12-01 Tony Cookwrite paletted images as paletted for tiff
2001-11-30 Tony Cookfreetype 2 bounding box function didn't know UTF8 ...
2001-11-30 Tony Cookadded has_chars() method to Imager::Font::FreeType2
2001-11-25 Tony Cook- read paletted tiff images into Imager paletted images
2001-11-21 Tony Cookmore tiff tags support
2001-11-21 Tony Cookmake color values smarter for the drawing functions
2001-11-19 Tony Cookmove the combining function call outside the general...
2001-11-03 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonRelease version.
2001-11-01 Tony Cookfix memory leaks, gif screen size calculations
2001-11-01 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded Destroy method for Imager::Font::TT and moved...
2001-10-31 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonChanges entries and iolayer test added to manifest.
2001-10-27 Tony Cookfix some range checking for the fountain fill segment...
2001-10-24 Tony Cookbetter error checking of automatic fill conversions
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonChanges file updated.
2001-10-23 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonClosed memory leaks when an error occurs during load...
2001-10-22 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonCode to free up resources for Imager::IO objects.
2001-10-21 Tony Cookadded POD to trans2.c
2001-10-11 Tony Cooksome fixes to double/sample image support
2001-10-07 Tony Cookadded double/sample image support
2001-10-07 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonUpdated Changes file for recent diffs
2001-10-05 Tony Cookstop ft1.x support dropping descenders
2001-09-19 Tony Cookclamp i_conv() at both ends
2001-09-19 Tony Cookimplement unsharp mask
2001-09-19 Tony Cookimage based fills
2001-09-18 Tony Cookhave ->arc() call i_circle_aa when drawing a solid...
2001-09-18 Tony Cookwriting a paletted image as GIF should be a bit more...
2001-09-15 Tony Cookmake write errors for jpegs cause errors at the top...
2001-09-14 Tony Cookfixed cut off of left of first character if it went...
2001-09-11 Tony Cookforgot to add change note for this
2001-09-02 Tony Cookan extra stipple
2001-09-02 Tony Cookbetter scale* fills
2001-09-01 Tony Cooksupport for generic fills for box and arc, with solid...
2001-08-29 Tony Cookimplement fountain fills similar to most paint programs
2001-08-22 Tony Cookvarious JPEG fixes
2001-08-19 Tony Cookadded OO interfaces for some filters
2001-08-19 Tony CookWindows BMP file support
2001-08-15 Tony Cookstart of bmp support (just writing so far)
2001-08-15 Tony Cook(changes)
2001-08-13 Tony CookEgads
2001-05-24 Tony Cooksplit Imager::Font into base *::Type1 and *::Truetype...
2001-05-17 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonMade TODO into a seperate file and removed it from...
2001-05-16 Tony Cookrefer to the right test
2001-05-16 Tony Cookadded tests for the tiff OO interface
2001-05-16 Tony Cookremove testout on make clean
2001-05-16 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixes crop() method so it is consistent with documentation.
2001-05-15 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonSome tests were logging into the wrong files and t50bas...
2001-05-14 Tony Cookfixes (and tests for) several problems in i_readgif_low()
2001-05-12 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded checks if there is no global colormap and a local...
2001-05-10 Tony Cookreference to design/represent.txt
2001-05-10 Tony Cookthis is what the convert() method does
2001-05-10 Tony Cooktalk about getting gif working better
2001-05-10 Tony Cookoops, this is done
2001-05-10 Tony Cooksupport saving to pgm file
2001-05-10 Tony Cooknoted problem with libpng 1.0.1
2001-05-09 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixed png transparency handling
2001-05-09 Tony Cookwe now have a convert() method
2001-05-08 Tony Cooksee patch
2001-05-08 Tony Cookincorporated Micksa's faxable tiff support
2001-05-07 Tony Cookdocument ideas and discussion from IRC
2001-05-07 Tony Cookchanged Imager::read() to always return an arrayref...
2001-05-07 Tony Cookjust an idea...
2001-05-07 Tony Cooknote some possible changes (which haven't been implemented)
2001-05-06 Tony Cooknoted row-based access to images
2001-05-06 Tony Cookfixes to quant.c and a minor enhancement
2001-05-06 Tony Cookhashboxes work now
2001-05-05 Tony Cookadded note about getting the palette for Imager::read()
2001-05-04 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonFixed bug reporting, updated Changes.
2001-05-04 Arnar Mar HrafnkelssonAdded flip() and docs to Imager.pm and i_flipxy() to...
2001-04-24 Tony Cooknoted a bunch of changes, switched to space based forma...
2001-04-22 Tony Cooknote some changes
2001-04-12 Tony Cooknote some gif fixes
2001-04-10 Tony Cooknoted addition of error handling code
2001-04-08 Tony Cooksee the patch :)