[rt #75878] pass --verbose through to Imager::Probe in sub-modules
[imager.git] / T1 / t /
2012-09-29 Tony Cookrevert threading changes, they aren't ready for the...
2012-09-11 Tony Cookimproved thread safety for Imager
2012-09-09 Tony Cookprovide better control over AA, and improve error handling
2012-09-09 Tony Cookthread-safe T1lib interface
2011-10-14 Tony Cook[rt #69879] various T1 improvments
2011-10-10 Tony Cook[rt #71469] make default text color non-transparent
2011-05-23 Tony Cookno longer export anything by default
2011-02-06 Tony Cookremove duplicate mkdir testout/ from rebase
2011-02-06 Tony Cookmove t1lib font support to a separate module