prevent an unsigned overflow in FT1 has_chars() implementation
[imager.git] / announce / 0.54.txt
1This is primarily a feature release:
3- a new qtype value 'mixing' has been added to the scale() method.
4 This is faster than 'normal', slower than 'preview'. This is based on
5 the method used by pnmscale, and seems to produce less blurry results
6 than normal.
8- the rubthrough() method can now render onto images with an alpha
9 channel.
11- the read_multi() method now falls back to calling doing a single
12 image read via the read() method and write_multi() will now fall
13 back to calling write() if a single image is supplied. This means
14 you can simply call the read_multi() or write_multi() functions
15 without having to check if the type is formatted by that method.
17- the GIF loop extension can now be written. If you don't have
18 libungif/giflib 4.1.4 (or some distribution's bugfixed equivalent)
19 you should upgrade.
21- getscanline() and setscanline() can now read/write palette index
22 based data from/to the image for paletted images, by setting type to
23 'index'.
25- we no longer hassle you to disable GIF support
27- minor documentation fixes