- the rotate() and matrix_transform() methods now accept a 'back'
[imager.git] / Changes
1Revision history for Perl extension Imager.
30.01 Thu May 6 15:25:03 1999
fd9f67c1 4 - original version; created by h2xs 1.18
60.02 Mon May 10 20:20:20 1999
7 - Added PPM writer, and a new return type to
8 be used to return undef() from a function returning
9 (int)0.
110.03 Thu May 20 23:23:23 1999
12 - Added Pseudo image handling thingies, now
fd9f67c1 13 you can use your own get and put pixel routines.
150.04 Mon May 24 22:14:55 1999
16 - Rewrote parts of jpeg support.
180.05 Tue May 25 23:40:01 1999
19 - Added png support with libpng
20 fixed error reporting and return types from
21 some format routines.
230.06 Wed May 26 19:05:39 1999
24 - Fixed Data::Dumper being used when it shouldn't have
25 added feature checking to see at run time if
26 certain formats are avaliable.
27 removed some ancient C++ style comments that hadn't
28 been properly removed, some out of bounds errors in ppm.c
29 fixed tests so missing features are skipped.
310.07 Thu May 27 03:15:00 1999
32 - Fixed the typemap for i_img and i_color so that you can pass
33 a null pointer to them without getting a warning when warnings
34 are enabled. Maybe this is counter perl but it greatly increases
35 the usability of the functions.
370.08 Fri May 28 14:13:21 1999
38 - Added support for gif via, giflib or libungif.
39 gif is so ridden with patent issues but the user
40 can decide which library to use since they have the same
41 include files and calling interface.
430.09 Mon May 31 17:52:32 1999
44 - Added image scaling per axis - faster than doing both
45 axes at the same time. The current method uses lancoz
46 kernel and filtering. But more types should be added -
47 including: nearest neighbor, linear, and bicubic.
490.10 Mon Jun 7 03:25:54 1999
50 - Added T1 postscript font handling. It's very primitive
51 at the moment but creative people can do nice stuff
52 with it. Currently it is not possible to have it
53 generate an image of the correct size for a given string
54 but that is on the way.
560.11 Mon Jun 7 14:43:35 1999
57 - Added T1 features for direct to image rendering in
58 a single color. fixed some debug messages going to
59 stderr instead of a log file.
610.12 Tue Jun 8 02:58:43 1999
62 - Fixed bugs in jpeg.c when loading images. Also specified
63 prototype behaviour to on in the Imager.xs file. The
64 Makefile.PL step doesn't complain anymore so that is
65 hopefully fixed.
670.13 Wed Jun 9 06:55:58 1999
68 - Fixed Imager.xs for init_log call. Minor fixes here
fd9f67c1 69 and there.
710.14 Thu Jun 10 14:11:22 1999
72 - Rewrote most of the logging stuff so that it is now
73 possible to remove all logging from the XS part of the
74 module. Also some primitive check of memory usage was
75 added. Claes Jacobsson sent in some filters, inverter,
76 contrast and a noise filter.
780.15 Mon Jun 14 08:13:29 1999
79 - Wrote minor enhancement on the calling syntax list.
80 Started on the object interface - added better support
81 for quering avaliable filetypes. Fixed memory leaks in
82 most loaders. New filters from Claes in this version
83 are bumpmap, postlevels and mosaic.
850.16 Wed Jun 16 20:54:33 1999
86 - Added fixes to the BEGIN and END parts, added writer
87 function for the OO interface. Also added basic IPTC
88 reading support for jpegs. Also a few filters have been
89 added to the OO interface.
910.17 Thu Jun 24 11:09:15 1999
92 - Added dynamic loading stuff - It's still missing a nice
93 global symbol table. This will be fixed in next release.
94 also calling the plugins is not all to easy at the moment.
970.18 Mon Jun 28 12:31:33 1999
98 - Added global symbol table - plugins now need a symbol
99 table pointer in them. When the module is loaded it is
100 set to point at the global symbol table. Also some barebones
101 Makefile.PL has been made in the dynfilt directory - it works
102 on my system - I hope it does on yours.
1050.19 Fri Jul 1 15:00:03 1999
106 - Added a way new scaling method for creating easy previews.
107 It only uses nearest neighbor, so it's doesn't look very nice
108 but it may be better for applications like remote sensing.
1100.20 Mon Jul 5 10:15:37 1999
111 - Added and rewrote documentation.
1130.21 Mon Jul 6 19:15:37 1999
114 - Fixed a bug in the scaling routine - it wasn't
115 handling 0< cases.
1170.22 Sat Oct 9 07:04:14 1999
118 - Added a new method to write gif images - now
119 it is possible to have a part of a palette fixed.
120 this is very usefull if one needs to make sure that
121 some color like white is in the pallete. This method
122 also allows some ditherding and gives better colormap
123 than the mediancut from the gif libraries. It does
124 need much more cpu power though. Hopefully later versions
125 will be faster.
1270.23 **************** Internal release only
128 - Fixed the %instances bug - caused ALL memory to be leaked.
129 Added real noise function - need feedback on how it should
130 be used. Also box(), and polyline are now in place. Polygon
131 is missing but antialiased line drawing with integer endpoints are
02d1d628 132 done but should be replaced with a version that can have
fd9f67c1 133 floating point endvalues. Two noise filters addded.
02d1d628 134
1350.24 **************** Internal release only
136 - Converted i_color into an object from a reference, so now it's
137 giving an object instead of a void ptr or an integer or something.
02d1d628 138
1390.25 **************** Internal release only
140 - Added basic Truetype functionality - still needs a rewrite
141 to be decent. Currently it's a port of a demo program that
142 uses an awful amount of global variables and there is much IO since
143 no caching of glyphs is done.
1450.26 Tue Nov 23 03:57:00 1999 > Development release <
146 - Added transformations so that an image can be wrapped.
147 To achive decent speed a C based stackmachine is included. As a result
148 transformations need to be specified in rpn (postfix) notation. It
149 also can use the Affix::Infix2Postfix class to do the conversion for it.
1510.27 Tue Dec 28 03:57:00 1999 > CPAN release <
152 - This is a bugfix version mostly, thanks to claes for pointing
153 out the problems - fixed palette saving wasn't working correctly after
154 version 0.24 - rather surprised this didn't crash everything.
155 Also fixed that for t1 fonts the bounding box wasn't being reported
156 unless the font had been used before. This is either a bug in t1lib
157 or a mistake in it's documentation. Another lingering bug since 0.24
158 what that $img->box() wasn't creating it's default color properly.
159 Added i_tt_text() method and more debuging to the truetype routines.
160 truetype testcase fixed and old debug rubish removed.
1620.28 Tue Jan 4 05:25:58 2000 > CPAN release <
163 - Only fixes to truetype test and transformation tests.
164 Thanks to schinder of cpan testers for testing and reporting.
1660.29 Tue Jan 4 21:49:57 2000 > CPAN release <
167 - fixes to get rid of warnings under pre 5.005,
168 Fixed broken preproccessor directives to work on non gnu
169 compilers. Fixed DSO test on HPUX - both code errors and
170 HPUX creates .sl instead of .so so the tests were failing.
1720.30 Sun Jan 7 05:00:06 2000 > Bunch of Alpha releases <
fd9f67c1 173 - An attempt to automate installation.
1750.31 Sat Jan 15 03:58:29 2000 > Fixes fixes fixes <
176 - Fixed a bug pointed out by Leolo where loading gifs
177 skips the first line of the imageload() has been
178 by read() - for now load is an alias for read. It will
179 be removed in the future. Also, fixes dynamic loading on
180 systems that prepend an underscore to symbols. At the present
181 the only system that I know of that needs this is OpenBSD.
183 Added getchannels() method ( How did I manage to delay this
184 untill now ). Some document changes but nothing substantial.
185 Also fixed the png read/write routines to handle all colorspaces
186 and images with alpha information. Also now it's possible to
187 have Imager guess the format of the files to load or save
188 when passing files to read or save from the filename.
189 Also all of the tests except dynamic loading now pass on OS/2.
1910.32 Tue Feb 29 17:26:00 2000 CPAN RELEASE
192 - Added the getcolorcount method. Fixed interlace handling
193 on png images. Fixed the missing channel count in crop()
194 method. Rewrote most of t1lib database stuff - created color
195 and font classes. T1 stuff is mostly done - TT things were
196 rewritten too and now include most of what is needed for
197 pixmap caching. Added documentation for fonts. Comments have
198 been added to some of the relevant c-routines. Added a copy()
199 function in Imager.xs and a corresponding method name.
200 Changed the underlying data type for the raw XS images from
201 pointers to objects - this will hopefully catch the most
202 basic errors and keep the segfaulting down. This means that
203 all of the underlying XS calls for readjpeg, readgif, readpng
204 and readraw do not take the first parameter any more.
205 Made fixes to keep it not spewing warning on 5.004 perl.
207 **** If you had any code that didn't use the OO interface ****
208 **** It will probably not work any longer ****
2100.33 Beta -- No final
211 - Fixed the end message from Imager 0.32. Destroy called
212 on an empty image. Did some work on the polygon method.
213 Some clean up in the Makefile.PL script. Fixed a buffer
214 overrun in the t_transform in Imager.XS. Fixed the
215 error handling in the jpeg loader. It now correctly
216 returns undef if a load on an image fails. It also
217 sends the error messages to the log file. Added errstr()
218 method to the image object. Added a new way to read()
219 objects from scalars. So far this is only implemented for
220 jpeg, png and gif. ppm and raw soon - as always if someone
221 wants to do an overhaul on the ppm stuff feel free. It seems
222 like such a basic format that interfacing with a library is more
223 work than implementing all of the needed routines instead.
2250.34 Beta -- No final
226 - Bunch of documentation fixes, backed out ppm code.
227 Put in TonyC's giant transform2 patch. Fixed the patch
228 to make it ansi compliant. Fixed a bunch of bugs in the
229 Freetype code with regard to vertical and horizontal
230 positioning and bounding boxes. Cleaned up a lot of the
231 code so it runs under -Wall. Code that is still in
232 development such as the polygon converter do not compile
233 cleanly. Fixed the non antialiased versions of truetype
234 dump to image routines. Also removed the FIXME for the
235 hardcoding of antialias in the Imager string method.
236 Fixed sign error and a missing cache of the bounding box
237 calculation for the rasterize function. Removed some
238 debugging code I forgot to remove. Added iolayer.h
239 and iolayer.c but they don't do anything for now.
2410.35 pre2 -- No time yet
242 - Fixed some compile warnings for various files under -Wall.
243 Added functionality for jpeg reading of seekable files, it's not
244 really working yet. This version is pretty much *not* working.
245 Do not install unless you intend to do a lot of development.
246 Repeat - it doesn't even pass tests (but it compiles). Ok now reading
247 jpegs works from scalars, my guess is that it also works from non
248 seeking sources such as sockets or pipes.
2500.35 pre3 - No time yet
251 - Added the *right* patch from Tony which combines
252 the common code from i_readgif and i_readgif_scalar into
253 i_readgif_low. Added tiff reading support through iolayer.
2550.35 pre4 - No time yet
256 - Added tiff writing (no options) support through
257 iolayer. Also made some small fixes for the iolayer reading
258 (was always doing two reads when one was needed). Patched the
259 Imager::read() call so that it now uses a mixture of old and new
260 functions.
2620.35 pre5 - No time yet
263 - Fixed various gnu'isms in the c code (some bugs in the link list
264 implmentation). Fixed missing #skip codes when gif format is not
265 present in any form. Added fixes for 5.004_04 in the transform2 function.
266 Made sure it compiles cleanly with sun's cc. Switched from a .jpeg
267 for transform2 check to a .ppm file so it runs when jpeg is not
268 present. Added a test for tiff files in t10formats.t.
2710.35 pre6 - No time yet
272 - Fixes to Makefile.PL. Should find freetype includes on more
273 distributions now. Ran tests on Solaris and Hpux, minor fixes.
274 Compiles with some warnings on with both hpux and solaris' cc.
275 Made some minor changes to the documentation. Fixes to tiff.c log
276 code.
2780.35 pre7 - No time yet
279 - Fixes 64 bit bug on freebsd. While libtiff mirrors the effects of
280 lseek it's toff_t is a uint32, while lseek uses off_t which can be a 64
281 bit quantity. Added the IM_LFLAGS environment variable to help
282 people with broken libgifs (that want to link with X).
2840.35 Sun Jan 28 19:42:59 EST 2001
285 - More makefile fixes, fixed a few signedness warnings.
286 Checked to see if it compiled cleanly on Solaris and HPUX.
287 Fixed a 5.004_04 warning and added more ENV flags for makefile.
2890.36 Mon Jan 29 09:36:11 EST 2001
290 - String as 0 or "" caused an error in $img->string(). Fixed a
291 documentation error invoving string() method syntax. Merged a patch
292 for non antialised truetype fonts. Fixed an error in the Makefile.PL
293 which caused a makefile to be generated that bombed with sgi's make.
2950.37 Mon Tue 30 09:36:11 EST 2001
296 - Several documentation fixes. Pod documentation for almost every
297 function in image.c. Added sys/types.h include in iolayer which was
298 causing problems on various linux systems.
3000.38 pre1 - No time yet
301 - Fixed a braindamaged fix on the Makefile.PL file. Moved the
302 code for Imager::Color into lib/Imager/Color.pm. Wrote some pod
303 about how it works. Made the names of Imager::Color XS routines
304 all begin with ICL_ and used the prefix rules of XS to get nice names
305 in perl. Found a bug (not fixed) in how XS handles
306 returning an object to an object it had as a parameter (double
307 free).
3090.38 pre2 - No time yet
310 - Fixes lots of for documentation, patch for freetype bounding
311 box handling. Split put code for Imager::Font into Font.pm and added
312 more documentation for Font.pm. Added string local ascender and
313 descender for tt fonts. Note that this needs to be added to t1 fonts
314 before 0.38 final.
3160.38 pre3 - No time yet
317 - Fixed an in consistency in the bounding box functions for t1
318 fonts. Now both versions get the 6 argument bounding_box method
319 described in Imager::Font. Started converting the comments in
320 font.c so that they are viewable by doco.perl. Added two examples
321 of filters. Need to make them more usefull and then add more
322 notes than are in compile.txt.
3250.38 pre4 - No time yet
326 - Completed adding pod comments to font.c, tiff.c and iolayer.c.
327 Those along with image.c should now have every single function
328 described in pod format.
3300.38 pre5 - No time yet
331 - Replaced ppm.c with pnm.c which adds support for pbm/pgm/ppm
332 files ascii and binary formats. Added patches for the gif routines.
333 Patched some of the color quantizing routines (Leolo and TonyC).
334 There is one bomb and one warning in this test, and frankly I don't
335 see why they are suddenly there.
3370.38 pre6 - No time yet
338 - Patch from Tony that fixes infix when Parse::RecDescent is present.
339 Checked some cases where malloc/free were used instead of mymalloc/myfree.
340 Added bufchain iolayer code. You can now write to a chain of buffers and
341 later slurp it all into a single perl scalar. Found some oddity of t/t10
342 test not giving the right return value when malloc debugging was enabled.
343 Fixed some of the logging code and the malloc debugging options. Added
344 more tests for tiffs.
3460.38 pre7 - No time yet
347 - Added i_gradgen code and put it into the filters hash. Think a
348 seperate pod for filters would be a good idea. Also removed some of the
349 debugging code from the iolayer. Added pod comments to filters.c and
350 looked over the code.
3520.38 pre8 - No time yet
353 - limited Win32 support, Imager installs and builds using VC++,
354 but there's no image/font format support yet.
3560.38 pre9 - No time yet
357 - Added lots of color quantization code from Tony with benchmarks.
358 Also fixes ugly stack overrun in old version. Added fixes for the lmfixed
359 problem. Four of them, let's see which is fastest. This version adds
360 some voronoi partitioning - it's dog slow but it's a reference implementation
361 to check if faster algorithms are doing the right thing [tm]. Added a check
362 for giflib 3.
363 - Win32 support for libpng
364 - fixed set_internal creating 2 refs to one object
365 - Win32 support for jpeg
366 - Win32 support for tiff
367 - base level error reporting code added, I still need to modify
6829f5f6 368 older code to use it
930c963d 369 - fix translate=>'giflib' handling of single-colour images.
370 Previously a single colour image would cause an error in
371 MakeMapObject().
930c963d 372 - fix t/t10formats.t tests against giflib3
373 - added test for transparent gifs
374 - minor doc fixes for transparent gifs
375 - make it less error-prone to write transparent gifs
fd9f67c1 376 - documented the options for reading raw images
377 - Changes switched to use spaces for formatting
378 - switch gif.c to new error reporting with related changes to
379 Imager.xs, Imager.pm
380 - each of the image formats now have their own test file,
381 extracted from t10formats.t, usually with som extra tests
382 - Added flip() and docs to Imager.pm and i_flipxy to image.c.
383 Added testcases too.
384 - Fixed an overflow bug in png.c
385 - added the colors parameter to Imager::read() which receives
386 the arrayref of colours that i_readgif(_scalar) returns
387 - fixed a problem in makemap_addi in quant.c where only the first
388 image was compared against the palette when the palette was being
389 refined. I screwed up on this originally (TC). This is the other
390 half of a fix for Leolo's lmfixed problem <sigh>.
391 - makemap_addi() now only puts colours into the palette that it
392 found while optimizing the palette (so we don't get 256 colour
393 palettes for 2 colour images :)
394 - initial implementation of a row-based interface to low-level
395 images (for performance)
396 - changed Imager::read() for GIF so that the arrayref pointed to
397 by the ref supplied in colors contains Imager::Color objects
398 instead of more arrayrefs, keep this interface stable until we
399 can make an informed choice about i_readgif()
400 - incorporated Micksa's faxable tiff support, treating as a type
401 of tiff rather than a separate format
402 - t/t70newgif.t now checks for gif support
403 - added the convert() method
404 - Added support for transparent to alpha conversion during loading
ae448e5a 405 of png files. Note that libpng 1.0.1 is broken in handling this,
406 we know that 1.0.5 works.
407 - support for writing PGM (portable gray map) files
408 - Fix for i_gifread_low() for images with only a local and no global
409 colormap and an abort if no colormap is present (which is legal
410 in gif).
43a881d3 411 - several fixes to i_readgif_low()
299a3866 412 - Fixed crop() method so that it is consistent with documentation.
de2b8bae 413 - make clean now removes the testout directory
414 - added tests for the OO interface for tiff, added an option to
415 choose the resolution for fax tiffs, removed some unused code,
416 fixed minor problems with Imager::write() handling of image types
417 - changed README note on libgif bug to refer to t105gif.t instead
418 of t10formats.t
02d1d628 419
4200.39 pre1
421 - split Imager::Font into a base, *::Type1 and *::Truetype
422 - writing faxable tiff now allows 2 and 4 channel images
423 - virtual image interface - 8-bit/sample images
424 - paletted images
425 - 16-bit/sample images
426 - masked images
427 - writing non-8bit images to raw
428 - writing '' '' to tiff
429 - i_convert support for high-bit images and paletted images
430 - i_copy for high-bit and paletted images
431 - tests for rubthru
432 - rubthru can now rub a 2 channel image over a 1 or 3 channel
433 image
434 - rubthru for high-bit images
435 - i_readgif_multi functions, which return all the frames from a
436 GIF file, along with a bunch of meta-information as tag
437 - OO interface to tags
438 - OO interface read_multi() to read multi-image files (just GIF
439 so far)
440 - documentation for the multi-image GIF reading and tags
441 - rotate() method with rotate by steps of 90 degrees (and docs)
442 - fixed a bug in i_img_pal_new_low()
443 - added gaussian to the filters list
444 - documented the individual filters
445 - fixed the right-hand side of bounding boxes for TT fonts
446 where the last character overlaps the advance width (eg.
447 italic fonts)
448 - added rotation by exact amounts in degrees or radians,
449 implemented using the matrix idea from Addi. The procedural
450 matrix transformer is exposed, but still needs testing (as XS)
451 and needs an OO interface, hopefully with some helper tools,
452 like the preset interface with ->convert().
453 - MY::postamble() in Makefile.PL included a broken rule
454 (Makefile.PL
455 - support for GDI fonts under Win32
456 - made that work for cygwin too (needs the w32api package)
457 - freetype1 support under Win32
458 - t1lib support under Win32
459 - fixed a minor bug in font.c (invalid font files caused a SEGV)
460 - checked cygwin for both t1lib and freetype1
461 - freetype 2 support
462 - exposed the matrix_transform() function to the OO interface
463 - added Imager::Matrix2d convenience class
464 - support for setting the resolution when writing to PNG
465 - retrieve physical resolution to tags when reading from PNG
466 - found an XS bug in the interface to i_tags_add()
467 - fixed handling of writing text to a channel with freetype2
468 (sometimes the edge of a character would damage the edge of the
469 previous character)
470 - some utf8 support for freetype2
471 - some vertical layout support for freetype2
472 - named parameters for specifying colors, with quite a few options.
c3cc977e 473 - glyph size issues for freetyp2
6064813e 474 - minor problem in handling of canon option
261f91c5 475 - low-level bmp writing (moving it to laptop)
705fd961 476 - Windows BMP reading and writing
477 - added OO interfaces for the mosaic, bumpmap, postlevels and
478 watermark filters
479 - added t/t61filters.t to test the filters
c3cc977e 480 - fixed some problems in jpeg handling from the exp_represent merge
cf692b64 481 - fixed buffer flushing for wiol jpeg code
c3cc977e 482 - added some tests that will hopefully catch it in the future
483 - added the OO interfaces to the mosaic, bumpmap, postlevels and
484 watermark filters, and documented them
485 - fixed a sample size conversion problem in i_gpixf_d() etc.
486 - added simple color representation conversion functions (used
487 in i_fountain().)
488 - added the fountain filter:
489 - creates gradients similar to paint software
490 - 90% support for GIMP gradient files
491 - OO interface and documentation
492 - Imager::Fountain for building/loading fill definitions
493 - named value translation for filters
494 - added a generic fill mechanism
495 - created versions of i_box() and i_arc() that can fill using
496 generic fills
497 - solid generic fills (with alpha blending if asked for)
498 - hatched generic fills (with some options)
499 - fountain generic fills
500 - sample code to generate an examples page
7a606d29 501 - improved the scale* hatches a bit
502 - add the flood_fill() method (using the existing i_flood_fill)
503 - implement i_flood_cfill() based on i_flood_fill, and
504 add general fills to the flood_fill() method
505 - generalize the combine parameter to get different ways of
506 combining the fill with the target
507 - the tt driver (freetype 1) didn't handle the first character
508 hanging off the left of the character cell
509 - the tt driver produces some artifacts when characters
510 overlapped
f873cb01 511 - error handling for writing jpeg images
512 - writing paletted images to GIF now uses the image palette
513 if it's small enough
514 - $img->arc() now calls i_circle_aa() if a complete circle is
515 being drawn in a plain color
f576ce7e 516 - image based fills
b6381851 517 - unsharp mask
518 - make i_conv() clamp the bottom end of the samples range too
519 (makes it useful for sharpening)
520 - adjust ascender/descender values for FT1.x to avoid losing
521 descenders (specifically the bottom of "g" in ImUgly.ttf or
522 arial.ttf at 14pixels)
523 - added tga.c to read targa images
524 - added i_bumpmap_complex to do more accurate bumpmapping
365ea842 525 - added an image type with doubles as samples
af3c2450 526 - change i_copy() and i_sametype() to handle double/sample images
527 - added basic POD to trans2.c
528 - transform2 now uses the error interface
c3cc977e 529 - myrealloc() is implemented for malloc debug mode
07d70837 530 - now buffer chains are freed when destructor for Imager::IO
c3cc977e 531 is called
532 - adjusted the Lanczos window width for the scaling code and
533 added code to normalize the filter generated to preserve
534 intensity scaling.
535 - constant edge extension for scaling operations
569795e8 536 - better error checking of automatic fill conversions
4c033fd4 537 - fix some range checking for the fountain fill segment type
07d70837 538
5390.39 pre2
540 - A few scattered mymalloc/free fixes
541 - io_buffer implemented as a source for io layer and
542 XS and perl OO code added.
543 - Test for iolayer t/t07iolayer.t implemented.
412e7a35 544 - Fixed known memory leaks.
46a04ceb 545 - gif screen was wasn't being calculated correctly
96190b6e 546
5470.39 Released: Nov 2 2001.
5490.40 pre1
550 - anti-aliased polygon fill
551 - add general fill to polygon fill
3a9a4241 552 - make color values smarter for the drawing functions
553 - implemented reading and writing the TIFF text tags
554 - added prototypes for some of the derivative tags functions
555 - read paletted tiff images into Imager paletted images
556 - on partial tiff image reads, set the i_incomplete tag
557 - tiff reading now uses the error stack
558 - use the error stack value from reading bmp files
559 - fix an error message in bmp.c
3dec2c92 560 - added has_chars() method to Imager::Font::FreeType2
561 - freetype 2 bounding box function didn't know UTF8 (doh!)
562 - write paletted images as paletted to tiff
230e675b 563 - initialize counter for packing 4 bit data
564 - don't allocate hashboxes as locals since it overflows the
565 stack by default in Darwin
6b012d62 566 - applied T1 afm patch from Claes Jacobsson
567 - split IM_INCPATH and IM_LIBPATH with $Config{path_sep}, so they
568 work on Windows
569 - Added memory pools for easy cleanup of temp buffers
570 - Added read support for sgi .rgb files.
571 - io_new_fd() now creates a FDSEEK io object
572 - implemented i_readgif_wiol()
573 - Imager->read() now uses i_readgif_wiol();
574 - extend callback iolayers at C and Perl levels
575 - implemented i_writegif_wiol()
576 - split out Perl iolayer initialization into private methods
577 - add tests for each type of iolayer in t50basicoo.t
578 - read/write multi-image tiff files
579 - tests in t50basicoo.t for multi-image/file
91492c5e 580 - ASCII PBM files were reading white as dark gray (255 vs 1)
581 - modify the Freetype2 font code to pick it's own encoding
582 rather than using whatever strange translation FT2 happens to
583 pick
584 - modify the FT1 font code to use the first encoding as a default
585 if we don't find a unicode encoding
586 - use the glyph bbox to calculate the glyph bitmaps for rendering
587 with FT1 rather than the global ascender/descender. This helps
588 with fonts that have broken metrics.
589 - fix calculation of descender for FT2, it was calculating the
590 minimum decent rather than the maximum for the characters in
591 the string
592 - didn't set default for bounding_box() utf8 parameter (caused a
593 warning when calling bounding_box() on a FT2 font with no utf8
594 parameter)
7144e056 595 - Added lib/Imager/Draw.pod documentation of primitives.
8435f780 596 - Added lib/Imager/Transformations.pod, some docs of simple transforms.
83dadefe 597 - Added lib/Imager/ImageTypes.pod, draft of ImageType pod.
cdd23610 598 - Added lib/Imager/Filters.pod, draft of Filters pod.
3e1be2c1 599 - Added lib/Imager/Engines.pod, draft of Engines pod.
591b5954 600 - added getpixel() and setpixel() methods
601 - added Artur's OSX dlload() emulation, with minor changes
602 - modified _color() to work around a 5.6.0 bug
603 - replaced old gif options with tags
604 - we now log which memory block is being freed before giving
605 an error on it being re-freed
606 - fixed stupid bug in deleting tags
55b287f5 607 - fixed minor pod errors involving &gt;
72b26604 608
f83bf98a 6090.40pre2
4cb58f1b 610 - make t1log optional, defaulting to off. You can enable the log
f31bcf12 611 with Imager::init(t1log=>1) (Ticket #369)
a9fa203f 612 - quote a few hash key strings to prevent warnings on 5.004
613 - modify quantization code to handle 1 channel images
614 correctly (Ticket #365)
615 - make channel pointer to i_gsamp() const int * so we can pass
616 const arrays
617 - handle the presence of the default broken giflib better,
618 by giving them some more prose about the problem, and skipping
619 all but the first test that fails with the broken giflib
620 - i_box_cfill() went into an infinite loop on fountain fills
621 or fills on images with more than 8-bits/sample
622 - hide more of our Darwin dlload emulation to prevent runtime
623 symbol conflicts
624 - use INT2PTR() and PTR2IV() macros instead of direct casts to
625 prevent pointer vs int size warnings on 64-bit builds of perl.
626 - add our own INT2PTR and PTR2IV definitions when perl doesn't
627 supply them
dff75dee 628 - difference() method
629 - hide (with static) or rename many symbols that could possibly
630 cause conflicts with other libraries or perl
631 - Fix runaway cache problem for freetype1 font cache.
632 - Added version logging when log is started.
635 - difference() wasn't setting an alpha channel when the input
636 image didn't have one
637 - improve crop() documentation, see
638 http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?lastnode_id=155767&node_id=155428
639 - handle the first "buggy giflib" test more portably. Previously
640 it used fork() which caused problems on systems that didn't have
641 a real fork().
35342ea0 642
6d0ed98a 6430.41
644 - skip() in testtools should be skipn() and it should use the
645 loop variable for the test number
3a6bb91b 6470.42
648 - quote the 'min' parameter to scale in Imager::Transformations
649 and at least mention it in the docs beyond the examples
650 - document the values for the read() and write() method type
651 parameter
4f68b48f 652 - support UTF8 text with Freetype 1.x
21e952df 653 - second parameter to SvPV() must be of type STRLEN
654 - Doc pathces from cogent.
655 - Fixed out of bounds access on bitmap for flood fills.
656 - some char * vs unsigned char * casts missing on OSF1 v4.0
657 - some enums had , on the last item in datatypes.h, which OSF1
658 didn't like
eeaa33fd 659 - Compaq C 6.4 (OSF1) claims to be C99 but doesn't provide
660 stdint.h, don't try to use it under OSF
661 - fix missing initialization in tags.c
aa833c97 662 - Change i_draw to i_line and have it use Bresenham's line
663 drawing algorithm.
664 - support has_chars() method for Freetype 1.x
665 - fixed log message for i_ft2_has_chars()
666 - fixed some broken checking for UTF8 in FT2 code
667 - handle UTF8 strings passed to T1 low-level functions
668 - handle flags for underline, strikethrough and overline for T1
669 low-level output functions
670 - OO interfaces to UTF8 and flags, for now leaving the flags as
671 specific to Imager::Font::Type1
42127e0c 672 - mc_web_map was storing colors with an alpha of 0
ee0083bf 673 - update the URLs for libpng and zlib
674 - Fixed empty string handling for tt font driver.
675 - Fixed tiff handling of images all contained in a
676 single strip (rowsperstrip = -1) and added a hack
677 for images missing the rowsperstrip tag.
678 - Fixed default parameters for crop()
679 - Added Preliminary specialized scaling code.
680 - Added image type detection.
681 - added smoke test for win32 font bounding_box() method, and
682 fixed the problem reported in ticket #1748.
683 - update t37w32font.t to use i_line() instead of i_draw()
684 - replaced non-portable call to rint() with (int)(dy+0.5) (so we
685 can build on Win32)
686 - the default tifflib warning handler was crashing on Win32
687 under ActivePerl, when an unrecognized tag was read from the
688 file. For now we'll just drop the warnings in the bit bucket.
689 (Ticket #1513)
690 - the code to read multiple tiffs didn't handle files with more
691 than five images correctly, causing a memory overrun.
0cb68c19 692 - fix some minor test code hiccups
693 - implemented i_t1_has_chars(), tests for same
694 - added ExistenceTest.{pfb,afm,ttf} for testing $font->has_chars
695 - tests for Imager::Font::Type1::has_chars();
696 - tests for Imager::Font::Truetype::has_chars();
697 - internal and external bounding box calculations now use
698 the same hint flags as text output for Freetype 2.x
699 - made the i_foo_bbox() interface more expandable by using
700 symbolic constants for the sizes and array offsets
701 - added a / character to the ExistenceTest.foo fonts that
702 overlaps the right side of the character cell, to test the
703 advance width reporting.
704 - added advance width to the i_foo_bbox() interface, and
705 implemented it for FT2, FT1 and Type 1
706 - Imager::Font::bounding_box() now returns an Imager::Font::BBox
707 object in scalar context.
708 - implemented $font->align() text output method, for simple output
709 of aligned text
710 - created Imager::Font::Wrap::wrap_text to perform simple text
711 wrapping
712 - FT1, FT2 and T1 fonts now support the face_name method
713 - FT1, FT2 and T1 now support the glyph_names() method
714 - Debian woody supplied FT2.0.9, which didn't support
715 FT_Has_PS_Names(), so we use the FT_HAS_GLYPH_NAMES() macro
716 instead.
717 - some older FT1 don't define TT_MS_LANGID_ENGLISH_GENERAL,
718 which we use, define it if freetype doesn't.
719 - Added extra options to rubthrough() so only a subpart of
720 source image is used.
721 - the image fills didn't handle filling with source images of
722 less than four channels correctly
723 - added comment support the postfix transform2() expression
724 parser
725 - transform2() can now produce images with other than 3 channels.
726 - added a correct T_AVREF input mapping to the typemap to
727 simplify parameter lists
728 - shut off one of the align subtests in the ft2 test. The triggering
729 is likely an ft2 bug.
730 - removed some half written scaling optimization code.
731 - added /sw/lib and /sw/include to the Makefile.PL code for osX.
732 - removed all references to the www.eecs.umich.edu page and changed
733 them to imager.perl.org ones.
cde2dbc7 734
00820c26 7350.43
042cdaea 736 - added log() and exp() functions to transform2()
737 - change the getpN() functions in transform2() to set a
738 reasonable alpha if the input image has no alpha
739 - document the constants that transform2() defines
2e6041a0 740 - skip the right number of tests when FT2 isn't available
00820c26 741 - This version pushed to CPAN because of skip problem in FT2 test.
742 - only call FT_Get_Postscript_Name() on FT 2.0.6 and later
743 - put the IM_LIBPATH and IM_INCPATH values first in the search
744 path so the builder gets their local versions if desired rather
745 than the system versions they might be trying to avoid
746 - document the exp() and log() transform2() functions
747 - document the constants normally set by transform2().
aed9d070 748
750 - refer the user to appropriate documents in the example in
751 Imager.pm
752 - change the list of documents in Imager.pm to move the document
753 names out of the =item lines so we can make them into links
754 - the scale() method now produces a warning when called in
755 void context.
d5a3f460 756 - font.c now only uses the defined T1Lib error codes
757 - update ppport.h and remove the duplicate definitions from
758 Imager.xs. Had to mangle ppport.h to prevent duplicate global
759 function definitions.
760 - newer versions of tifflib require that all of the function
761 pointers passed to TIFFClientOpen be non-NULL, the mmap() and
762 munmap() pointers were always NULL and the sizeproc was
763 sometimes NULL.
764 - there would be a link or load time error on m_init_log() if
765 Imager was built with IM_NOLOG, fixed by renamed init_log()
766 to m_init_log() in log.c (thanks to Takumi Yamani)
767 - moved some variable definitions to the right place
768 - the Win32 font driver bounding box function now returns the
769 right number of values (both thanks to Takumi Yamani)
770 - the Win32 font driver now uses DEFAULT_CHARSET rather than
771 ANSI_CHARSET are the lfCharSet value for the LOGFONT,
772 as suggested by Takumi Yamani.
773 - fontfiles/ExistenceTest.{pfb,ttf} weren't marked as
774 binary in the CVS repository (caused test failures if you
775 built from CVS on Win32)
776 - Makefile.PL should now handle INCLUDE or LIB with spaces in them
777 correctly on Win32.
778 - the pnm reader read maxval for ppm/pgm files and then ignored it,
779 it's now validated (0 < maxval < 65536) and used to scale
780 samples. Note that binary ppm/pgm files (P6/P5) with maxval >
781 255 result in an error, since I didn't want to add new features
782 just yet, just get the code that's there working correctly.
783 Thanks to Elthek on rhizo for reporting this and help in
784 tracking it down.
1c00d65b 785 Resolves https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=7465
8b695554 786 - added a bunch of tests for reading pnm files.
787 - previously, if you supplied to_paletted and empty color map
788 and set make_colors to 'none', quant_translate() would segfault.
789 This was because it was making the reasonable assumption that
790 you'd have colors to map to. quant_translate() now checks there
791 is at least one color and return NULL if there isn't.
792 - i_img_to_pal() now does error checking of the value returned by
793 quant_translate().
794 - Imager::to_paletted() now checks for success/failure of
795 i_img_to_pal() correctly and does appropriate error handling.
796 - i_writegif_low() did no error checking on the result of
797 quant_translate(), it now does
798 - we now test that trying to write a GIF image with no palette
799 allowable by the quant options is a failure.
800 - Imager::write() was doing nothing with the result of the call
801 to i_writegif_gen(), in particular it wasn't returning () on
802 failure.
803 - added tests for paletted image handling and the methods
804 specific to those images
805 - the XS for i_setcolors() was missing the OUTPUT clause for
806 RETVAL, and hence wasn't returning failure on failure.
807 - supplying a sufficiently small scaling value could make the
808 scale() method return an image with zero height or width.
809 Several of the above together resolve
810 https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=7467
811 - the void context warning for scale() now includes the callers
812 filename/line (instead of the default of Imager.pm line 15xx)
813 - Imager->new will now return undef if the dimensions or number of
814 channels specified for an image are out of range. An error
815 message can be retrieved with Imager->errstr.
816 - added the C<builtin> color specifier and the
817 Imager::Color::Table class which defines those colors.
818 Resolves https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=2593
819 - added the equals() method to Imager::Color.
820 Resolves https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=2238
821 - prevent a test warning introduced by the above
822 - the rotate() and matrix_transform() methods now accept a 'back'
823 parameter specifying a background color. This is only used
824 where there is no source data (think of the corners around an
825 image rotated 45 degrees) and it not combined with transparent
826 pixels from the source image.
827 Resolves https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=6140
cf7a7d18 828
b921d414 829=================================================================
02d1d628 830
fd9f67c1 831 For latest versions check the Imager-devel pages:
3a6bb91b 832 http://imager.perl.org/~addi/perl/Imager/
02d1d628 833
b921d414 834=================================================================
02d1d628 835