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1The font FT2/fontfiles/MMOne.pfb was generated by Debian's fontforge,
2and contains code from Appendix A of Adobe's "Type 1 Font Format
3Supplement - Technical Specification #5015"[1].
5This code is licensed under the following conditions:
7"Note This code, as well as the code in the following appendices, is
8copyrighted by Adobe Systems Incorporated, and may not be reproduced
9except by permission of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Systems
10Incorporated grants permission to use this code in Type 1 font
11programs, as long as the code is used as it appears in this document,
12the copyright notice remains intact, and the character outline code
13included in such a font program is neither copied nor derived from
14character outline code in any Adobe Systems font program."
16[1] http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/font/5015.Type1_Supp.pdf