add Devel::CheckLib to each sub-module and ensure it stays packaged
[imager.git] / FT2 / imft2.h
1#ifndef IMAGER_FT2_H
2#define IMAGER_FT2_H
4#include "imdatatypes.h"
6typedef struct FT2_Fonthandle FT2_Fonthandle;
8typedef FT2_Fonthandle* Imager__Font__FT2x;
10extern int i_ft2_init(void);
11extern FT2_Fonthandle * i_ft2_new(const char *name, int index);
12extern void i_ft2_destroy(FT2_Fonthandle *handle);
13extern int i_ft2_setdpi(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, int xdpi, int ydpi);
14extern int i_ft2_getdpi(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, int *xdpi, int *ydpi);
15extern int i_ft2_settransform(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, const double *matrix);
16extern int i_ft2_sethinting(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, int hinting);
17extern int i_ft2_bbox(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, double cheight, double cwidth,
18 char const *text, size_t len, int *bbox, int utf8);
19extern int i_ft2_bbox_r(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, double cheight, double cwidth,
20 char const *text, size_t len, int vlayout, int utf8, int *bbox);
21extern int i_ft2_text(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, i_img *im, int tx, int ty,
22 const i_color *cl, double cheight, double cwidth,
23 char const *text, size_t len, int align, int aa,
24 int vlayout, int utf8);
25extern int i_ft2_cp(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, i_img *im, int tx, int ty,
26 int channel, double cheight, double cwidth,
27 char const *text, size_t len, int align, int aa,
28 int vlayout, int utf8);
29extern int i_ft2_has_chars(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, char const *text, size_t len,
30 int utf8, char *work);
31extern int i_ft2_face_name(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, char *name_buf,
32 size_t name_buf_size);
33extern int i_ft2_can_face_name(void);
34extern int i_ft2_glyph_name(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, unsigned long ch,
35 char *name_buf, size_t name_buf_size,
36 int reliable_only);
37extern int i_ft2_can_do_glyph_names(void);
38extern int i_ft2_face_has_glyph_names(FT2_Fonthandle *handle);
40extern int i_ft2_get_multiple_masters(FT2_Fonthandle *handle,
41 i_font_mm *mm);
42extern int
43i_ft2_is_multiple_master(FT2_Fonthandle *handle);
44extern int
45i_ft2_set_mm_coords(FT2_Fonthandle *handle, int coord_count, const long *coords);