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0.014 release
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2013-01-11 Tony Cookuse XSLoader without the fallback to DynaLoader
2013-01-10 Tony Cookuse Imager::Probe for library probes probe
2012-03-08 Tony Cookwe now require Imager 0.88 osxlion
2012-03-08 Tony Cookadd support for OS X Lion, which broke the old Darwin...
2011-11-23 Tony Cookadd some META.yml metadata
2011-11-22 Tony Cookupdate to a less ancient Devel::CheckLib
2011-11-22 Tony Cookquote spaces in -I options
2010-10-16 Tony CookHWND of "active" captures the active window
2010-10-11 Tony Cookpolish/test darwin support
2010-10-09 Tony Cookinitial OS X screenshot support
2010-06-15 Tony Cookcheck for win32 libraries with Devel::CheckLib (too)
2009-09-21 Tony Cookswitch from EXTRA_META to META_MERGE
2008-04-13 Tony Cook- die with a message automated cpan testers treat as...
2008-04-09 Tony Cooklook for .so files when we can't find the .a (adjusted... v0.006
2008-04-09 Tony Cook- document that overlapping windows will show in a...
2008-04-07 Tony Cook- improved the error messages displayed when headers...
2007-03-10 Tony Cookinclude NA in the die output as suggested by v0.005
2007-01-12 Tony Cook - avoid some Makefile.PL warnings
2007-01-12 Tony Cook - Makefile.PL was checking /usr/X11R6 for headers...
2007-01-02 Tony Cookset the license if EU::MM supports it
2007-01-01 Tony Cooksearch the right places for X11 headers on older system
2007-01-01 Tony Cookadd a readme and example for win32, convert files from...
2006-12-30 Tony Cookchanges for mingw
2006-12-30 Tony Cookcygwin changes
2006-12-30 Tony Cookadd X11, limited Tk widget support
2006-12-22 Tony Cookinitial screenshot attempt