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document the widget parameter
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2008-04-07 Tony Cookdocument the widget parameter
2008-04-07 Tony Cook- improved the error messages displayed when headers...
2008-02-01 Tony Cook - screenshot() on a non-toplevel Tk widget would crash...
2007-03-12 Tony Cook0.005 release
2007-03-12 Tony Cookdocumentation tweaks
2007-01-22 Tony Cookbump to 0.004 v0.004
2007-01-22 Tony Cook - add ppport.h for 5.005_03 support
2007-01-22 Tony Cook - t/30tkx11.t now provides a default gemoetry to prevent
2007-01-19 Tony Cook - set tags in the resulting image
2007-01-16 Tony Cook - add support for getting a subimage of the window
2007-01-12 Tony Cook0.003 release v0.003
2007-01-12 Tony Cook- ignore some VC++ generated junk in MANIFEST.SKIP
2007-01-12 Tony Cook - avoid some Makefile.PL warnings
2007-01-12 Tony Cook - the x11 capture wasn't releasing the XImage or the...
2007-01-12 Tony Cook - Makefile.PL was checking /usr/X11R6 for headers...
2007-01-02 Tony Cookcommit for 0.002 v0.002
2007-01-01 Tony Cookadd a readme and example for win32, convert files from...
2007-01-01 Tony Cookadd changes file