HWND of "active" captures the active window
[imager-screenshot.git] / Screenshot.xs
2010-10-16 Tony CookHWND of "active" captures the active window
2010-10-13 Tony Cookfirst pass at multi-monitor capture
2010-10-09 Tony Cookinitial OS X screenshot support
2007-03-10 Tony Cookinstead of using the Imager type typemap entry use...
2007-01-22 Tony Cook - add ppport.h for 5.005_03 support
2007-01-16 Tony Cook - add support for getting a subimage of the window
2007-01-01 Tony Cookadd a readme and example for win32, convert files from...
2007-01-01 Tony Cookadd a MANIFEST
2006-12-30 Tony Cookadd X11, limited Tk widget support
2006-12-22 Tony Cookinitial screenshot attempt