include NA in the die output as suggested by
[imager-screenshot.git] / MANIFEST
4a35f49b 1Changes History
2examples/ Example - get a window by name on win32 and grab it
3imss.h Declarations of the functions the XS gives access to
4Makefile.PL Build script
5MANIFEST This list of files
6MANIFEST.SKIP Files not to include in the MANIFEST
1210b68e 7META.yml Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
d9a01106 8ppport.h Support older perls
1210b68e 9README
TC Main perl implementation
11Screenshot.xs Interface to C code
12scwin32.c Win32 implementation
13scx11.c X11 implementation
14t/00load.t Test - can we load the modules
15t/10win32.t Test - win32 implementation
16t/20x11.t Test - X11 implementation
17t/30tkx11.t Test - X11 implementation via Tk
18t/40tkwin32.t Test - Win32 implementation via Tk
19t/90pod.t Test - check POD is valid
20t/91podcover.t Test - check all functions are covered by POD
1210b68e 21t/92manifest.t Test - check we match the MANIFEST