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2013-07-20 Tony Cookskip POD tests unless IMAGER_AUTHOR_TESTING or AUTOMATE...
2013-07-20 Tony Cookminor POD edits
2013-07-20 Tony Cookfix POD errors reported by Stefan Limbache
2012-05-07 Tony Cook0.10 release v0.10
2012-05-07 Tony Cookupdate the require 5.005 line in Graph.pm
2012-05-06 Tony Cookadd an unshipped test to check versions are updated
2012-05-06 Tony Cooknote the previous changes
2012-05-06 Tony Cookconvert the shipped ppm comparison images to png to...
2012-05-06 Tony Cookhoist all the copies of cmpimg into a common module
2012-05-06 Tony Cookignore more editor droppings
2012-05-06 Tony CookImager::Graph now requires perl 5.006
2012-05-06 Tony Cookignore remnant dist build directories/archives
2012-05-05 Tony Cookdocument the recent changes
2012-05-05 Tony Cookdocument fills can be used for set_negative_background()
2012-05-05 Tony Cook[rt #59532] fix the zero position calculation for horiz...
2012-05-05 Tony Cook[rt #59532] allow negative_bg to be a fill for vertical...
2012-05-05 Tony Cookignore more build detritus
2012-05-05 Tony Cookset META.yml metadata
2012-05-04 Tony Cooknote the RT ticket fixed
2012-05-04 Tony Cookloosen up comparisons to handle the rounding change...
2012-05-04 Tony Cookupdates for the git tranfer
2010-08-05 Tony Cook0.09 release v0.09
2010-08-04 Tony Cookavoid using automatic axis, and refresh the comparison...
2010-08-04 Tony Cookrefresh testimg/t10_lin_fount.png from the current...
2010-08-03 Tony Cook0.08 release v0.08
2010-08-02 Tony Cookfeature control over drawing line and area line markers
2010-07-29 Tony Cookdon't draw line markers for area charts by default
2010-07-29 Tony Cookmore stuff I want for release
2010-07-29 Tony Cookskip more trash
2010-07-29 Tony Cooksome files missing
2010-07-26 Tony Cookhoist line marker drawing into the base class
2010-07-24 Tony Cookdocumentation working commit
2010-07-23 Tony Cookslightly improve test coverage of methods
2010-07-17 Tony Cook - Imager::Graph::Horizontal::add_column_data_series...
2010-07-11 Tony Cookremove more test generated files
2010-07-11 Tony Cookin progress changes:
2010-07-10 Tony Cookupdate test images for the axis label fix
2010-07-05 Tony Cookcalculate the y-axis tic-label widths based on the...
2010-07-05 Tony Cookremove code for older (ancient) versions of Imager
2010-07-05 Tony Cookallow the outline and background of the graph data...
2010-07-05 pmichaudintergrate Patrick's area chart work in progress
2010-06-19 Tony Cookadd missing manifest files
2010-06-19 Tony Cookmatch the format of other test file names
2009-11-05 pmichaudChanges the area drawing, so it still uses the full...
2009-11-05 pmichaudStart of area graphs
2009-11-05 pmichaudAdds two tests for horizontal graphs, and fixes some...
2009-11-05 pmichaudFixes horizontal line graphs
2009-11-05 pmichaudFixes horizontal bar graphs with a large number of...
2009-11-05 pmichaudFixes vertical graphs w/ large numbers of columns.
2009-11-03 Tony Cookfix the test count for t14bar.t and relax the image...
2009-11-03 pmichaudUpdates the MANIFEST
2009-11-03 pmichaud* changed t31tic_color.t to check against different...
2009-11-03 Tony Cookfix manifest, svn ignores
2009-11-02 pmichaudmore graph updates from Patrick Michaud
2009-05-21 Tony Cook0.07 release v0.07
2009-05-21 Tony Cookfix manifest
2009-05-21 pmichaudFrom Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-30 Tony Cookfix silly documentation error
2009-04-30 Tony Cookset font filename to the file we actually ship
2009-04-23 pmichaudPatrick Michaud:
2009-04-23 pmichaudPatrick Michaud:
2009-04-21 pmichaudFrom: Patrick Michaud <pmichaud@u.washington.edu>
2009-04-17 pmichaudPatch from Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-17 pmichaudFrom Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-16 pmichaudPatches from Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-14 Tony Cookdefine new style settings text.aa, lineaa and fill...
2009-04-14 Tony Cookline markers for line graphs
2009-04-13 Tony Cookallow the user to specifiy min and max y values instead...
2009-04-13 Tony Cookremove spurious write to /var/www/tmp
2009-04-13 pmichaudchanges from Patrick + manifest update
2009-04-13 Tony Cookfix data, labels, style draw() option handling to not...
2009-03-23 Tony Cookupdate manifest
2009-03-22 pmichaudchanges from Patrick Michaud, line, bar, stacked column...
2009-03-16 Tony Cookfont handling fixes
2009-03-16 Tony Cookremove 5.005 inappropriate use warnings
2009-03-16 Tony Cooka litte more internals documentation
2009-03-16 Tony Cookreturn missing font errors in from the error method...
2009-03-13 Tony Cookupdate test images to match the change in default style
2009-03-13 pmichaudpatches from Patrick Michaud
2008-04-21 Tony Cook0.06 release v0.06
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - round the pie radius down to avoid running over...
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - round the pie radius down to avoid running over...
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - zero-sized segments were drawn as covering the whole...
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - add a new style "primary" which is primary_red with...
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - add horizontal legend boxes
2008-01-21 Tony Cook - round the dimensions used within the legend to integ...
2007-12-17 Tony Cookremove more ancient Imager cruft
2007-12-17 Tony Cook0.05 release v0.05
2007-12-17 Tony Cookupdate MANIFEST, Changes
2007-12-17 Tony Cookcreate the test font driver, use it, and update the...
2007-12-17 Tony Cookcopyrights, we depend on more recent Imager now
2007-12-12 Tony Cookforce FT2 usage, hopefully for better text consistency
2007-12-11 Tony Cook0.04 release v0.04
2007-12-11 Tony Cook - remove fancy_fills check, we now depend on an Imager...
2007-12-11 Tony Cookvarious Kwalitee changes
2007-12-11 Tony Cook - skip all tests if we can't load the font
2007-12-11 Tony CookImager::Graph 0.03 v0.03
2007-12-11 Tony Cooksomewhere to keep Imager-Graph