calculate the y-axis tic-label widths based on the labels actually used
[imager-graph.git] / lib / Imager / Graph /
2010-07-05 Tony Cookcalculate the y-axis tic-label widths based on the...
2010-07-05 Tony Cookallow the outline and background of the graph data...
2010-07-05 pmichaudintergrate Patrick's area chart work in progress
2009-11-05 pmichaudChanges the area drawing, so it still uses the full...
2009-11-05 pmichaudStart of area graphs
2009-11-05 pmichaudFixes vertical graphs w/ large numbers of columns.
2009-11-03 pmichaud* changed t31tic_color.t to check against different...
2009-11-02 pmichaudmore graph updates from Patrick Michaud
2009-05-21 pmichaudFrom Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-23 pmichaudPatrick Michaud:
2009-04-23 pmichaudPatrick Michaud:
2009-04-21 pmichaudFrom: Patrick Michaud <>
2009-04-17 pmichaudPatch from Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-17 pmichaudFrom Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-16 pmichaudPatches from Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-14 Tony Cookdefine new style settings text.aa, lineaa and fill...
2009-04-14 Tony Cookline markers for line graphs
2009-04-13 Tony Cookallow the user to specifiy min and max y values instead...
2009-04-13 pmichaudchanges from Patrick + manifest update