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changes from Patrick Michaud, line, bar, stacked column graphs
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2009-03-22 pmichaudchanges from Patrick Michaud, line, bar, stacked column...
2009-03-16 Tony Cookfont handling fixes
2009-03-16 Tony Cookremove 5.005 inappropriate use warnings
2009-03-16 Tony Cooka litte more internals documentation
2009-03-16 Tony Cookreturn missing font errors in from the error method...
2009-03-13 pmichaudpatches from Patrick Michaud
2008-04-21 Tony Cook0.06 release v0.06
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - round the pie radius down to avoid running over...
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - add a new style "primary" which is primary_red with...
2008-04-21 Tony Cook - add horizontal legend boxes
2008-01-21 Tony Cook - round the dimensions used within the legend to integ...
2007-12-17 Tony Cookremove more ancient Imager cruft
2007-12-17 Tony Cook0.05 release v0.05
2007-12-11 Tony Cook0.04 release v0.04
2007-12-11 Tony Cook - remove fancy_fills check, we now depend on an Imager...
2007-12-11 Tony Cookvarious Kwalitee changes
2007-12-11 Tony CookImager::Graph 0.03 v0.03