Adds two tests for horizontal graphs, and fixes some warnings exposed by them
[imager-graph.git] / MANIFEST
2009-11-03 pmichaudUpdates the MANIFEST
2009-11-03 Tony Cookfix manifest, svn ignores
2009-11-02 pmichaudmore graph updates from Patrick Michaud
2009-05-21 Tony Cookfix manifest
2009-04-13 pmichaudchanges from Patrick + manifest update
2009-03-23 Tony Cookupdate manifest
2008-04-21 Tony Cook0.06 release v0.06
2007-12-17 Tony Cookupdate MANIFEST, Changes
2007-12-11 Tony Cookvarious Kwalitee changes
2007-12-11 Tony CookImager::Graph 0.03 v0.03