fix the version update test and update some versions
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2013-07-20 Tony Cookfix the version update test and update some versions
2013-07-20 Tony Cookminor POD edits
2013-07-20 Tony Cookfix POD errors reported by Stefan Limbache
2012-05-06 Tony Cookadd an unshipped test to check versions are updated
2012-05-05 Tony Cookdocument fills can be used for set_negative_background()
2012-05-05 Tony Cook[rt #59532] fix the zero position calculation for horiz...
2010-08-02 Tony Cookfeature control over drawing line and area line markers
2010-07-26 Tony Cookhoist line marker drawing into the base class
2010-07-17 Tony Cook - Imager::Graph::Horizontal::add_column_data_series...
2010-07-11 Tony Cookin progress changes:
2009-11-05 pmichaudAdds two tests for horizontal graphs, and fixes some...
2009-11-05 pmichaudFixes horizontal line graphs
2009-11-05 pmichaudFixes horizontal bar graphs with a large number of...
2009-11-03 pmichaud* changed t31tic_color.t to check against different...
2009-05-21 pmichaudFrom Patrick Michaud:
2009-04-23 pmichaudPatrick Michaud: