2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove article module into bse module dir
2014-08-25 Tony Cookadd hash extend() method for templating
2014-08-25 Tony CookAllow an extra set of tag delimiters for dynamic pages
2014-08-24 Tony Cookallow [: and :] as tag delimiters for dynamic pages...
2014-08-24 Tony Cookallow alternate delimiters for tags
2014-08-20 Tony Cookfix bse.paged validation of page numbers
2014-08-20 Tony Cookadd a test for the page_list macro and fix it
2014-08-17 Tony Cookuse the class that initializes the reports section
2014-08-13 Tony Cookadd as_hash to WrapArray
2014-08-08 Tony Cookdocument [pregenerate]
2014-08-03 Tony Cookadd report_data() to BSE::Variables
2014-07-31 Adrian Oldhamdefine should_index method in the dummy article
2014-07-31 Tony Cook0.25 release v0.25
2014-07-31 Tony Cookupdate Changes.txt to date
2014-06-13 Tony Cookadd should_index() method to articles
2014-06-06 Tony Cookselect excerpts that have the term as a word in them
2014-05-31 Adrian Oldhamadd default prefix/suffix search highlight cfg option
2014-05-16 Tony Cookallow "class[foo|class[bar|text]]" class to be promoted...
2014-05-09 Tony CookSVG support for article images
2014-04-11 Tony Cookproperly encode email body content
2014-03-19 Tony Cookadd an undefined value literal to template expressions
2014-03-19 Tony Cookfixed word-wrapping for audit-log emails
2014-03-14 Tony Cookallow to run as fcgi
2014-03-14 Tony Cookuse strict everywhere, everywhere!
2014-03-14 Adrian Oldhamhandle "pop" link variants in text only subs formatting
2014-03-14 Adrian Oldhamuse BSE::ComposeMail for confirmation email
2014-03-14 Adrian Oldhamalways fallback to [shop].from email address
2014-03-06 Tony Cookabsolute image urls for subscriptions
2014-03-03 Tony Cookdon't crash validating the template name
2014-03-03 Tony Cooksubscriptions fixes
2014-02-27 Tony Cookreport article numbers before we regen the article
2014-02-25 Tony Cookchanges to email field processing and validation
2014-02-25 Adrian Oldhamsimple email validation tests
2014-02-25 Adrian Oldhamdisallow leading whitespace on email validation rule
2014-02-25 Adrian Oldhamtrim siteuser email param whitespace
2014-02-24 Tony Cookclean up arrow macros in preload
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamcreate universal make_arrows macro
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamwrap arrows in span like make_arrows
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamrejig mover macro arrows
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamswap arrows to match make_arrows
2014-02-24 Adrian Oldhamfix arrows cfg key names for with and height
2014-01-20 Tony Cookclean up the list[] construct when unformatting
2013-12-21 Tony Cookupdate to the new syntax and defaults
2013-12-21 Tony Cookallow defaults for .define and allow barewords for...
2013-12-20 Tony Cookuse quoted-printable encoding for html mail
2013-11-27 Tony Cookadd a few more methods to the regen dummy article class
2013-11-25 Tony Cookadd some documentation for image objects
2013-11-25 Tony Cookuse message id prefixes that the validator understands
2013-11-22 Tony Cookadd tagging support for article/globals images
2013-11-22 Tony Cookimprove validation and error reporting for article...
2013-11-18 Tony Cookensure images have unique displayOrder on reorder
2013-11-03 Tony Cookmassive formatter re-work
2013-11-03 Tony Cooklist[] specifying id and/or class
2013-11-03 Tony Cookclean up commented obsolete code
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamremove any whitespace before closing paras
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd block versions of filelink and gfilelink
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhammatch link markup like other blockified tags
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamnew pop and poplink wrapping tests
2013-11-03 Tony Cookadd block versions of doclink, formlink, popdoclink...
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix newline handling of block link followed by block
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix indent[] handling and don't abuse ul anymore
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix list test failures and put list tags on their own...
2013-11-03 Tony Cookadd newlines around hr tags
2013-11-03 Tony Cookdon't consume [] for list items
2013-11-03 Tony Cookallow poplink to work over blocks
2013-11-03 Tony Cookfix the poplink over blocks test
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd test block over a list
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd link test over complex nested blocks
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd poplink wrapping block test
2013-11-03 Tony Cookwhitespace fixes
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd link wrapping block test
2013-11-03 Tony Cookseems correct except for some whitespace differences
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd new test and updated more test output
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamfix nesting for links spanning paragraphs
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd simple link and poplink format tests
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamfix tests to suit new formatter output
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd line breaks to formatting output
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamclean up another anchor nesting edge case
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamconsolidate link and poplink sub routines
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamfix poplink with new sub routine
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamdirty formatter hack for no link spanning
2013-11-03 Adrian Oldhamadd numerous html5 formatter tags
2013-11-02 Tony Cookfix the reordering links and add a shuffle options
2013-11-02 Tony Cookmake the mover macro check user rights
2013-11-02 Tony Cookimplement a thumbnail method for rendering article...
2013-11-02 Tony Cookmake the request object available through the generator...
2013-11-02 Tony Cookuse the correct variable name holding the dist images uri
2013-11-01 Tony Cookallow a sort specification of "shuffle"
2013-10-27 Tony Cookadd shuffle to the array wrapper class
2013-10-24 Tony Cookdon't strip _ and - from linkAlias in the importer
2013-09-11 Tony Cookunbreak product custom fields
2013-09-11 Tony Cookfix handling of date custom fields
2013-09-06 Tony Cookfix some POD issues in BSE::Edit::Product
2013-09-06 Tony Cookfix some tag method issues:
2013-08-25 Tony now returns a 404 error if the article id/alias...
2013-08-25 Tony Cookavoid an undefined value warning if there's no title...
2013-08-25 Tony Cookreplace non-alphanumeric with - instead of (non-replace...
2013-08-10 Tony Cookglobal files and image no longer require a name/identifier
2013-07-22 Tony Cookupdate Changes.txt
2013-07-22 Tony Cookcoupons support for the BSE shop