2002-02-15 Tony Cook0.11_09 commit r0_11_09
2002-02-13 Tony Cookvarious fixes, test code changes
2002-02-12 Tony Cooksome tools to help test BSE
2002-02-12 Tony Cooksome basic smoke tests
2002-02-11 Tony Cookupdate from Adrian
2002-02-11 Tony Cookupdates from adrian
2002-01-28 Tony Cook0.11_08 commit r0_11_08
2002-01-25 Tony Cookremoved some debug code
2002-01-22 Tony Cookmissed some
2002-01-22 Tony Cook0.11_07 commit
2002-01-22 Tony Cook0.11_06 commit r0_11_06
2002-01-14 Tony Cookwork in progress
2001-12-19 Tony Cooknot quite the initial release - it wasn't saving the...
2001-12-10 Tony Cookjust starting
2001-12-05 Tony Cook0.11_05 commit r0_11_05
2001-12-05 Tony Cookstep child/parent changes
2001-11-29 Tony Cook0.11_04 commit
2001-11-29 Tony Cook0.11_03 commit r0_11_03
2001-11-28 Tony Cookmore 0.11_02 commits r0_11_02
2001-11-28 Tony Cookmore 0.11_02 commit
2001-11-28 Tony Cookmore 0.11_02 commit stuff
2001-11-28 Tony Cook0.11_02 commit
2001-11-23 Tony Cookwith file editor support
2001-11-22 Tony Cookhelp icon
2001-11-22 Tony Cook0.11 commit r0_11
2001-11-21 Tony Cookr0.11_16 commit r0_10_16
2001-11-21 Tony Cook0.11 commit
2001-11-21 Tony Cook0.10_15 commit r0_10_15
2001-11-20 Tony Cookhandle the depth parameter when embedding with the...
2001-11-20 Tony Cookbump version 0.10_14 r0_10_14
2001-11-20 Tony Cook0.10_14 commit
2001-11-20 Tony Cookminor fixes
2001-11-19 Tony Cookr0.10.13 commit r0_10_13
2001-11-19 Tony Cook0.10_12 commit r0_10_12
2001-11-19 Tony Cookdon't always error when going pass the embed limit
2001-11-19 Tony Cooktransferred from the realware code base
2001-11-19 Tony Cookmulti-column getBy
2001-11-19 Tony Cookoops
2001-11-19 Tony Cookvarious changes
2001-11-13 Tony Cookcommit for 0.10_11 r0_10_11
2001-11-13 Tony Cookmore stuff to ignore
2001-11-13 Tony Cookannoying
2001-11-12 Tony Cookorder date range handling for realware
2001-11-12 Tony Cook0.10_10 commit r0_10_10
2001-11-11 Tony Cook0.10_09 release r0_10_09
2001-11-11 Tony Cookordering changes
2001-11-11 Tony Cooknew edit templates from adrian
2001-11-11 Tony Cookvarious changes r0_10_08
2001-11-10 Tony Cookfinal confirmation page changes
2001-11-09 Tony Cookconflict fix
2001-11-09 Tony Cookconfirmation page for checkout
2001-11-09 Tony Cookexport the right stuff
2001-11-09 Tony Cookuse the correct name
2001-11-09 Tony Cookneeds to be in the manifest
2001-11-09 Tony Cookbeginning of confirm page change
2001-11-09 Tony Cookupdates from realware
2001-11-08 Tony Cook0.10_07 prerelease r0_10_07
2001-11-07 Tony Cookignore this stuff
2001-11-07 Tony Cooktransparent backgrounds from adrian
2001-11-06 Tony Cookadd strict
2001-11-06 Tony Cookmethod to get step-parents
2001-11-06 Tony Cookpreserve the level for new articles
2001-11-06 Tony Cookadded other_parents
2001-11-06 Tony Cooksome fixes and reordering
2001-11-06 Tony Cookbump version and make sure docs are built
2001-11-06 Tony Cookneeded to generate the front shop admin page
2001-11-05 Tony Cookstrip the title text off the end
2001-11-05 Tony Cooksample title images
2001-11-05 Tony Cookimages for admin pages
2001-11-02 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-11-02 Tony Cookoptions update
2001-11-02 Tony Cookdisplay options for products
2001-11-02 Tony Cookdisplay options if present
2001-11-02 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-11-02 Tony Cookdisplay product options if present
2001-11-02 Tony Cookenumerate the options for a product in the cart
2001-11-02 Tony Cooknew template stuff done for realware
2001-11-02 Tony Cookrealware changed
2001-11-02 Tony Cookadded getSpecial()
2001-11-02 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-11-02 Tony Cookbetter hooks
2001-11-02 Tony Cooksupport for new email interface
2001-11-02 Tony Cookchanges to support new email mechanism
2001-11-02 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-11-02 Tony Cookupdates for realware changes
2001-10-30 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-10-30 Tony Cookmulticatalog support
2001-10-30 Tony Cookmulti-catalog support
2001-10-30 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-10-30 Tony Cookrealware features
2001-10-30 Tony Cookbetter Win32 support
2001-10-30 Tony Cookbetter cross-DB support
2001-10-30 Tony Cookpost realware freight changes
2001-10-30 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-10-30 Tony CookWin32 support changes
2001-10-30 Tony Cooksome more customization changes
2001-10-30 Tony Cooksome notes
2001-10-30 Tony Cookchanges for realware (freight)
2001-10-30 Tony CookInitial revision
2001-10-14 Tony CookInitial revision