allow all newvalue<digits> fields on product option edit
[bse.git] / site / cgi-bin / modules / BSE / Edit /
2020-04-21 Tony Cookallow all newvalue<digits> fields on product option...
2020-04-21 Tony Cookfix not validating product option name on add
2020-04-18 Tony Cookuse default_value to select the default when adding...
2020-04-18 Tony Cookadd some support for customizing product options
2020-04-18 Tony Cookallow more values when creating a product option
2020-04-16 Tony Cookallow setting default for option on creation
2020-04-11 Tony Cooksupport for new templating for product options
2015-05-09 Tony CookMetadata for articles
2015-05-09 Tony Cookallow metadata to be defined for new products
2014-09-01 Tony CookMerge Adrian's exhaustive module dir restructure changes
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove Product/s modules to more appropriate location
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhamversion bump modules affected by generate move
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove catalog module into bse module dir
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove product module into bse module dir
2013-09-06 Tony Cookfix some POD issues in BSE::Edit::Product
2013-08-25 Tony Cookreplace non-alphanumeric with - instead of (non-replace...
2012-11-13 Tony Cookallow article custom fields to be specified by config
2012-01-30 Tony Cookconsistently use tag_article on the admin side
2011-10-23 Tony Cookmake sure common validation is inherited for products
2011-10-22 Tony Cookhandle use of dboptions and group access checks on...
2011-10-17 Tony Cookallow new values to be added on the product option...
2011-10-16 Tony Cookfill out product defaults
2011-05-30 Tony Cookfix permission check done when saving tiered prices
2011-05-27 Tony CookBSE tiered product pricing
2010-11-13 Tony Cookcorrectly generate empty links for products and catalogs
2010-11-08 Tony Cookadd version numbers to all modules r0.19
2010-10-25 Tony Cookmost of UTF-8 support
2010-04-11 Tony Cookrewrite reparent checks
2010-04-09 Tony Cookyou can now always delete products
2010-03-25 Tony Cooksupply appropriate defaults for newer product fields
2010-03-05 Tony Cookvalidate old products as old articles, not as new articles
2009-07-30 Abhijit Menon-SenTeach the DB interface modules about the weight/length...
2009-07-23 Tony Cookadd missing commas
2009-07-23 Tony Cookextend/validate option/value lengths
2009-07-22 Tony Cookonly have the cursor indicate options are moveable...
2009-07-22 Tony Cookmake it work in IE
2009-07-21 Tony Cookallow in-place editing of product option names
2009-07-20 Tony Cookfix option moveup/down to return json for ajax
2009-07-17 Tony Cookproduct options
2008-03-20 Tony Cookrequire description instead of summary - missed when...
2007-02-21 Tony Cook0.15_54 release r0_15_54
2006-10-12 Tony Cook0.15_45 commit r0_15_45
2005-08-05 Tony Cook0.15_25 commit r0_15_25
2005-07-28 Tony Cook0.15_23 commit r0_15_23
2005-07-20 Tony Cook0.15_19 commit r0_15_19
2005-01-10 Tony Cook0.15_04 commit r0_15_04
2004-11-25 Tony Cook0.15_02 commit r0_15_02
2004-09-29 Tony Cook0.14_35 commit r0_14_35
2004-09-16 Tony Cook0.14_33 commit r0_14_33
2004-09-01 Tony Cook0.14_29 commit r0_14_29
2004-08-19 Tony Cook0.14_25 commit r0_14_25
2004-08-18 Tony Cook0.14_24 commit r0_14_24
2003-09-10 Tony Cook0.14_06 commit
2003-06-03 Tony Cook0.13_03 commit r0_13_03
2003-03-10 Tony Cookjust about to copy adrian's templates in
2003-02-27 Tony Cook0.12_22 commit r0_12_22
2002-09-26 Tony Cook0.12_20 commit r0_12_20
2002-09-04 Tony Cook0.12_13 commit0.12_13 commit0.12_13 commit0.12_13 commi...
2002-08-16 Tony Cook0.12_08 commit r0_12_08
2002-08-16 Tony Cook0.12_07 commit r0_12_07
2002-08-09 Tony Cook0.12_02 commit r0_12_02