the image inline method now defaults the cfg parameter
[bse.git] / site / cgi-bin / modules / BSE / TB /
2015-05-18 Tony Cookthe image inline method now defaults the cfg parameter
2014-09-01 Tony CookMerge Adrian's exhaustive module dir restructure changes
2014-09-01 Adrian Oldhammove Article/s modules to more appropriate location
2014-05-09 Tony CookSVG support for article images
2013-11-25 Tony Cookadd some documentation for image objects
2013-11-22 Tony Cookadd tagging support for article/globals images
2013-03-16 Tony Cookadrian's changes to log levels
2013-03-16 Adrian Oldhamstandardise log level names
2012-08-01 Tony Cook[rt #1358] revamp
2012-07-26 Tony Cookconsistently load the managed images directory from...
2011-08-30 Tony Cookexpand the API to simplify working with article images...
2011-05-04 Tony Cookallow the new files objects to make thumbnails
2011-01-25 Tony Cookfix a 500 error from login when the login entered doesn...
2010-11-08 Tony Cookadd version numbers to all modules r0.19
2010-10-25 Tony Cookmost of UTF-8 support
2009-12-15 Tony Cookfix popimage[]
2009-12-02 Tony Cookflash in the image manager