allow importing custom fields for product option values
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2020-04-20 Tony Cookallow importing custom fields for product option values
2013-04-08 Tony Cookimporter improvements:
2013-04-08 Tony Cookactually initialize the importer actor property
2013-04-08 Tony Cooksupport importing article files as we do products
2013-04-08 Tony Cookimplement (and basically test) update_only for import...
2013-04-08 Tony Cooksupport importing from CSV files
2012-11-05 Tony Cookdocument the importer and add a web UI
2012-11-05 Tony Cookimport data user interface
2012-11-05 Tony Cookreorganize the importer code and document
2012-04-27 Tony Cookupdate importer to do price tiers and tags
2010-11-08 Tony Cookadd version numbers to all modules r0.19
2009-11-18 Tony Cookre-work importer to allow new sources and targets to...